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Thread: Bomber RR10 parts

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Default Bomber RR10 parts

Dlux and UCfab are happy to announce the start of our Axial Bomber RR10 line of parts!

I will continue to add all the parts that I carry in this first post so keep checking back.

Dlux Ultra 4 G10 truss


Aluminum sway bars from UCfab.
  • Made from 6061 aluminum
  • Ability to run 3 different thickness torsion bars for a softer or more firm feel
  • Ability to run from the rear bumper or mid chassis (need to choose the proper torsion bar.)


Dlux carbon fiber sway bar

Will work in the rear bumper, rear mid chassis and front chassis.
Comes with un cut torsion bar and un cut end links so you can make them any size you need.


UCfab trailing arms.
  • Made from 7075 aluminum for maximum strength and hardness (easy to slide on rocks)
  • Uses the common, reliable and replaceable Revo rod ends


Full set of Titanium links from Dlux fab.
  • Rear uppers come in stock lengths or Dlux truss/VP Currie truss lengths (no more need for the weak Jato ends)
  • Front lowers are a single bend for clearance 1/4" TI for ultimate strength
  • Uppers, steering and drag link are all 3/16" TI


UCfab front sway bar mounts

Allows you to mount a sway bar in the front
Use the Dlux universal sway bar kit or Axial wraith sway bar


Modified big bearing housings

Takes the 11mm bearing and turns it into a 13mm bearing on the inside. No more blown bearings or blown ring and pinions.


No slop bushings for the knuckles/chubs
Take all the slop out of your steering setup with these.


I also have great deals on replacement shafts and bevel gear sets. Axle shafts can be bought with the 70* steering mod for more/bind free steering



Holmes lockers


Hitec HS 7950 servos


Vanquish C hubs and knuckles



Dlux 1808 axles


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Default Re: Bomber RR10 parts

Merry Christmas to me!
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Default Re: Bomber RR10 parts

Thanks for the orders guys!

I forgot the Ultra 4 trusses so I put those in the first post.
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Wanna get? Gotta want.
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Default Re: Bomber RR10 parts

Guess I forgot more than I thought!

Holmes lockers
Hitec 7950 servos
Vanquish C hubs
Vanquish knuckles
Dlux 1808 axles
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