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Thread: Crawling Secrets

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There will always be "little" secrets in this sport. Things that one driver does not readily divulge information about. If someone asks, then yes, I'll tell them my little secret if I have one. But i'm not gonna come out and display it for the public.

Most of the trucks today are pretty much "spec" trucks. Little things like spring rates and shock oils are petty differences that dont really make that much of a difference unless it is a large change. These little things may just suit a drivers style better. But there are other little tweaks on the truck that can affect things more that people just don't completely spill the beans about. I have things on my truck that make it react and drive different than other people with the same truck, but I don't tell everyone about it. If someone asks why my truck works differently than theirs, I'll fill them in.

I feel that it betters the sport and evens the playing field a little more if you share the positive things that you've found with a particular setup. But only to those who notice it. Driving is hands down one of the single most important parts of the "secrets". Its not even a secret, some people either get it or then don't. Practice is important but actually knowing how your truck works is the most important part about it. Learning your truck and how it reacts in certain situation is more important than having that shock oil just perfect or the spring rate just perfect.

A lot of people here build their trucks to be just like everyone else, just because they know the other guys truck works.
I want to build my truck to be like MINE. Not anyone elses. I take advice from people who are willing to give it out and use it to my advantage when I can. My truck is not like anyone elses, and thats the way I like it.

If ya want to know my secrets, just ask. They are technically not secrets, just things that I prefer to keep to myself unless someone asks. People who ask, want to learn. All the others are just lazy....building spec trucks just like everyone else.

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