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Thread: CKYC Jan Comp Mulligan Jan 31st.

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Default CKYC Jan Comp Mulligan Jan 31st.

OK, time for the REAL CKYC FIRST COMP!

You've seen the place, and I'll re-post directions in here, Comp date is for January 31st. This is a Saturday. Time will be same as before:
This months comp will be held at Boogie's spot at the Laurel Lake Spillway:

Location Thread

Vid of Comp Site!!!

Date: January 31st, 2009
10:00 am Course Setup
10:30 am Drivers Meeting
10:45 am Course 1 Start.

Comp will follow USRCCA Rules for 2008, if any exceptions are made they will be made apparent in the drivers meeting. We will run 3 courses, no finals course has been planned yet, but that could change in the form of a 4th course given time constraints and interest. Courses will consist of 10 gates, times per course TBA at comp. In the next couple of days I am going to revise the scoresheets a tad so that we can keep track of points per gate for if we decide to do the 20pt rule per gate. Driver order will be by random drawing of poker chips. So there will be no delay in getting started. If you arrive after the initial drawing, you will be going first. You all know the routine, post up if you're in!!


There are two ways, the first is probably easier.

#1: Coming from Lexington, take I-75 down to London Exit 38, turn right onto 192, follow for roughly 15-18 miles until 192 splits off, stay left to get onto 1193, about 1 mile after the split, there will be a hard right hand curve where 1193 splits, turn left onto Dam Rd. The left will be in the middle of the hard right hand curve. Take that road all the way down for a little over a mile until you see the signs pointing left to Holly Bay Marina and the Dam. Take that left and keep going until you cross the Laurel Dam (if you miss the left turn, it goes on down to the power plant at the bottom of the Laurel Dam). Directly after you cross the dam portion but before you cross the big bridge going across the spillway, there will be a big blacktop parking lot with a gazebo. Park on the end closest to the bridge and walk down the stairs to get to the spillway underneath the bridge.

#2: Coming from Tennessee or if you just want to go a little further south, take I-75 exit 25. If you are heading south coming from Lexington on I-75, turn right onto 25E. If you are heading North coming from tennessee, turn left onto 25E. Take 25E for maybe 3 or 4 miles until you see 1193/1277 on the right. You should also see signs for Holly Bay and Grove marinas. Turn right onto 1193/1277 and follow until 1193 and 1277 split. Turn right onto 1193/Blair Memorial Hwy, follow until you reach the big bridge going over the spillway. As soon as you cross the bridge, you will see the parking area on the left. Pull in there and park on the end closest to the bridge, take the steps down to the spillway area under the bridge.

Sorry for the rough mileage figures, I don't have anything exact to go by. Either way, the signs are all clearly marked so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

**BTW, the stickers are in, and they look DAMN GOOD!! I will be handing them out at the comp; Members will receive 2 stickers each, non-members can purchase stickers for $2.00 each
Sign up fellas:
  1. HomerJ
  2. Boogie
  3. TheMadhatter
  4. muddobber208
  5. Big Ed
  6. Matt
  7. MytMoz
  8. Emcrawler
  9. kybluejeep
  10. hillbilly
  11. xigtc4d
  12. marlboroman
  13. mountaineer (maybe?)
  14. JIA's Dad

The fee for non-members is $5.00 for the event. For members, this will indeed be a point series competition!!

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Thanks again for all those that made it out!! Had a blast today :cheers:

Here's a rundown of the final scores:

HomerJ:.....10.....-9.....1.....Total: 2
Kybluejeep 10.....-9.....11.....Total: 12
Big Ed 24.....-9.....3.....Total: 16
Marlboroman 16.....-9.....19.....Total: 26
JIA's Dad 12.....-9.....24.....Total: 27
MytMoz 35.....3.....0.....Total: 38
emcrawler 34.....-9.....14.....Total: 39
Hillbilly 34.....-9.....21.....Total: 44
Matt 36.....-9.....28.....Total: 45
muddobber 34.....-8.....24.....Total: 50

CKYC Points Series points tally:

JIA's Dad.............6

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