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Thread: Rude boyz 2018 scale tough truck challenge

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Default Rude boyz 2018 scale tough truck challenge


Scale trucks be warned, this is one of the most brutal scale tough truck challenges out there! The RUDE BOYZ STTC is a yearly event that is held in Southern Alberta and people from all over Canada attend the event! The prizes are always amazing and everyone walks away winning something which is simply awesome but the main reason people attend this event is because you feel like family at these events. Everyone is friendly and helpful to ensure that every one feels at home! So much so that we have people coming from the U.S just to attend this event! The event takes place over two days however like most hardcore people are there a few days ahead and after the event to enjoy some friendly fun with their scale rigs! The RUDE BOYZ team puts a huge amount of work into the events: setting up the courses, finding the locations, accommodating guests, social media event creation, helping guide travelers, acquiring event sponsors, making gates, event judges, the list goes on forever! It is not easy hosting a scale event like this but it is 100% worth the effort as people have been coming to this event since 2009! This year the events were tough as always and they also held a potluck which turned out great! The events include: Tank Trap, Mud Bog, Obstacle Course, Hill Climb, Sled Pull, and Tug-o-War! RCSparks showed up to the event and brought his famous sled "The Judge" to the event. I managed to get an amazing score on the hill climb utilizing my winch several times where other competitors would just take the gates, this strategy paid off and I ended up finishing the Hill Climb with only a few seconds to spare. Several people got DNF's on the hill climb because it was just that steep! However my luck ran out right after that awesome run and when I went to do the obstacle course I found that my Jeep wasn't working. Several other competitors did all they could to help me trouble shoot my truck to try and have it ready for the event but no one had the part I needed at the event. My AE3 ESC ended up failing after that brutal hill climb and I was in desperate need of a new one otherwise I would have nothing to run at the event. When we got back to camp Chris Rappel from Scale Town RC on YouTube gave me a brand new Hobby wing 1080 ESC for FREE! This is what I was talking about earlier about the main reason why people come to these events is the people! Seriously awesome! A link to Chris Rappel's YouTube channel can also be found below! Thanks again Chris! Next up was the Sled Pull which I managed to do pretty good at and moved the sled about halfway of a full pull. Then the Tug-o-War was next which I actually managed to get 2nd place in! Next up was the Tank Trap and Mud Bog which were the events that killed everyone's trucks! I managed to do really good at the Tank Trap and went through this one spot that everyone kept losing signal at because your whole truck goes under water. After having survived the tank trap it was time to finish it off in the Mud Bog. Which again I did quite well at making it past where most trucks made it to. It was the first time my Jeep had ever seen mud like that. I went full send and held the throttle until she put on a smoke show! I was surprised to find out from the judges that I could re-run the Obstacle Course. Thanks to the second chance I got second place!

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