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Thread: Cut N Shut Custom Tire Information for Crawler Innovations

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Default Cut N Shut Custom Tire Information for Crawler Innovations

If you are looking to have custom tires made by Crawler Innovations, there are a few things you need to know.

- Custom Tires are made in the order in which they are paid for. All custom tires are paid for upfront.

- I charge less for labor if you buy the tires and foams from me. I charge more for labor if you supply the tires.

- I will make custom tires from your used tires only if approved by me first. You must send me pictures of your used tires or your attempts at cut n shutting yourself. I have had several people abuse this and they sent me totally butchered tires and I have learned that it takes to much time and labor to fix someone else's mistake. It's not worth my time.

- Custom tires can take up to two weeks to be made.

With that said, cut n shut tires are all hand made by me and I only build them one set at a time. Crawler Innovations is increasingly getting busier and I won't take on work I can't finish in a reasonable amount of time (which to me is two weeks). So I only invoice about 3 - 5 people every two weeks. I won't compromise on my quality and attention to detail. The customer wants the best and I won't settle for less then giving them my best.

So if you really want a set of custom tires made by me / Crawler Innovations, your best bet is to email me directly at:


Thank you so much everyone for the compliments and support. Without y'all, none of this would be possible. I am truly grateful. Thank you,
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