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Thread: Titan 550 21t on 2s

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Default Titan 550 21t on 2s

Hi all,

Hope you can help me.

Iím new to the forum posting wise, but Iíve been reading and searching quite a lot.

Up till now Iíve been RC-ing with a low budget short course truck and enjoying it.

So much that Iím considering buying a Wraith. Kit. That obviously means that that Iím in the phase of Ďdoing home workí on the electronics.

First thought: KISS. Keep it simple (and low budget for experimenting). For radio and servo that (relatively) easy but when it comes to motorsÖpffÖ

KISS says: follow RTR specs but whereís the fun in that (apart from the Wraith being a lot of fun in itself). So Ďupgradableí is the magic word.

Iím looking for brushed. It will get wet, trust me. Donít feel like fÖing up an sensored BL system because I messed up the waterproofing on the first try.

The motor should perform at least on par with stock 20t but preferable with more torque for more crawl ability. Speed can be regained through spur/pinion changes or ultimately adding 3s lipo. I will start with 2s lipo because have those. This means the motor must handle 3s and not run hot at 2s. 3s capable can be found in the specs, no prop. But how do I make sure the motor keeps running on a comfortable temperature at 2s? is it as simple as: gearing as high as possible, but as low as you must?

Considering the statements above I was thinking of the Titan 550 21t w/ Hobbywing QuicRun 1060 60-360A.

This motor seems to perform well in the Slash and Telluride (roughly same weight) especially on 3s.

Anyone with an opinion on this one?


Ps.: what about this: JOHNSON 6-20 VDC MOTOR | All Electronics Corp.

Can anyone make an assumption on the specs of this motor? At that price you do a lot of experimenting
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Default Re: Titan 550 21t on 2s

I run a titan 21t on 4s with 14/87 gearing and it gets warm but not dangerous. This motor sees a ton of water and abuse. I've only killed two over the past year. On my third now. They are great. Just make sure you get Part number TRA3975 for a scx10/AX10 rig and part number TRA3975R for Wraiths. The 21t has built in timing, so the proper rotation motor is necessary for the most power and speed.

You can get both of them on ebay for next to nothing.

keep in mind this motor is slower than the stock 20t becuase of the larger can and longer winds. It equates to about a 44t motor as far as speed goes. But that's why it can handle so much voltage.

Never gear up for "extra" speed....

Best advice you'll ever hear....."Gear down, volt up!"
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Default Re: Titan 550 21t on 2s

Rotationwise: you could flip your diffs. (Also good for minimizing wear on the drivetrain, your using both sides of each tooth).
Ebay and sending to the Netherlands... still not that expensive.

Speed 'probleem': it's qearing op per se. More that the extra torque of the 550 van he used to get a little more top end. ( keeping a close eye on motor temp.) By the time I switch to 3s I have to sort out another optimal gearing again.
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