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Thread: Any Good RC Crawling mags out there?

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I wanna be Dave
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[QUOTE=Meatwad;3311548]Yeap smart phone and web browser. I'm on the pot at work right now, I wash my hands before I touch my dick.

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I wanna be Dave
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Originally Posted by DiggyStyle View Post
Yeah, mine's a Toshiba and it's actually fairly new, well maybe a year and a half old (kind of middle aged in computer years, I know) but it's perfectly good, I do need to get a new battery. A high capacity batt would be good too. Where did you get yours? Can you recommend a good place for laptop batteries?
I think I got mine off amazon. There will be a bunch of options I just looked through reviews and found the best one and bought it. So far it has lasted over a year and although the capacity is down a bit since I got it the one I got cost about 1/4 of what they wanted for another factory battery. The nice thing about the extra capacity ones it that they stick out the bottom and raise the computer up so the fan can work better, stays much cooler.
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i had an old toshiba and it was dying and i milked it for a couple more years (hard drive was shot etc) and it wasnt holding a charge for more than 20 mins so i bought a new battery and even that didnt work got tired of taking it into the computer place every time it died at 200 bucks a trip it was getting expensive so i broke down this spring and bought a new laptop.. its a samsung RS40 with triple core with tons of space... paid 600 bucks (canadian) plus i bought a 2 yr warranty for it also for 140 bucks so if anything dies i can take it into the place i got it from (future shop) and they will replace the part.

i do find it a little disturbing that people post of the forums while in the shithouse...... i like my daily dose of RCC but not enough to bring the laptop with me...
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