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Thread: Permanent Crawling Coarse

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Default Permanent Crawling Coarse

After our discussion at the meeting on 5/5/2010 I was under the impression it would be cool to have a few more local (close) comp/practice locations that were easy to get to and centralized for most of the people that would like to attend on a regular basis.

I was thinking that it would be nice to have an area set up like duckdogs is trying to make that is on a piece of property with endless possibilities and the opportunity to create the location we want.

Since it is good to have options I'd like to know if making a crawling coarse on a piece of property as a perminent fixture is something that people would attend if given the opportunity. If this sounds like something you would like to have how far would you travel for the ability to use such a course?

Since I live in Emmett traveling is what I do and is something I have leveled with but in reality Emmett is no farther from boise than Nampa just a different dirrection. Would travelling as far as a location in Emmett to practice and have comps periodically be an option or is something closer more what you have in mind?

Thanks for your opinions- Chris
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I could not afford to drive their weekly, but I would definitely be up for it once or twice a month.
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yeah I figured maybe once a month we could hit all the major spots we have, whatever they may be, that way no one location gets used all the time.

My Dad and I were discussing making a large area on the back side of our property where our shop is located. We could bring in all kinds of rocks and we have some old cars we could use as some of the obstacles and over time we could possibly put a building up to make the course indoors and heat it for the winter but these are all just hopes and dreams right now just wondering how much activity we could get. Locally I can get some more involvement and probably have another half a dozen people on a regular basis.
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And by the way ZNO-RC is my buisness profile but its still me- Chris
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I wouldn't have a problem going to emmett once in a while, but I wouldn't drive there every week. We could always try some sort of car pool, but usually they get hard to accomidate different schedules. On week nights I would probally have to leave straight from work.
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