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Thread: NSCA Comp #6 **Results**

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Default NSCA Comp #6 **Results**

Sorry guys I haven't heard from James to give him the score sheets for posting, so here they are. This is the unofficial scores from the Sioux Falls/Falls Park Comp #6.

1.9 Class

1. Lance wheelinwillys 30
2. Chad psychomonkey 34
3. Rich no2hud 37
4. Chris kratos 87
5. Ty tctz28 101
6. Tony tqcookie 105
7. Josh Fischer ? 112
8. Joe sprint28 131
9. Heather mrspsyhcomonkey 152
10. Shannon jeepcj776 ? 156

Top 5 before finals
1. Rich -5
2. Chad 2
3. Chris 17 DNS for finals
4. Lance 30 Bump to finals
5. Ty 31

2.2 Class

1. Ty tctz28 -8
2. Chad psychomonkey +6
3. Rich no2hud +32
4. Tony tqcookie 41
5. Chris kratos 52
6. Lance whillinwillys 61
7. Heather mrspsychomonkey 66
8. Dave 1rcmonster 84
9. Joe sprint28 86
10. Alex froboy 89
11. Josh ? 105
12. Shannon jeepcj776 109
13. Toby Omega-tron 151
14. Pete ghtpdm5 174

Points for top 5 before finals
1. Chad -38
2. Ty -19
3. Tony -29 DNS for finals
4. Chris -18 DNS for finals
5. Rich -16 Bump to finals

Club standard of 70 pts. were added to the scores of those not in top 3 finals. Let me know if I didn't get your screen name correctly, this way when James or Jim gets the final spread sheet posted they'll be able to get it right. Thanks to everyone who participated, it was a lot of fun competing with SD, ND, and MN gang.

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Thanks for the scores Rich!

Had lots of fun Saturday fellas. Thanks everybody for making the drive, hope we can schedule it again for next year and give everyone time to plan ahead.

Rich since you asked my screen name is Rockin' Shafty Chick. And just remember buddy, paybacks are hell!!!!! I don't remember signing up for any wet t-shirt contests
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OK Rich, if you had everything correct, and I had everything correct, then THESE should be correct.

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Sorry Rich, I read you message last night at 10, and was busy all day. Until now, 9:10. I will not be able to get them tomorrow either. Im shootin for the weekend.

I will get all of my scores updated at that time, and take the reigns again. Thanks everybody.
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