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Thread: 2016 Worlds feedback thread

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Default 2016 Worlds feedback thread

2016 RC Crawling Worlds is in the books and it's time to sum up this epic event.

Starting with the most important thing. Thanks to each and single one of you who attended the very first Worlds in Europe. Without the driver's there wouldn't be competition. Without competition there wouldn't be fun. Without fun it's useless piece of excersise anyways. YOU -- DRIVERS made this competition as big as it was!

Next big thanks belongs to Jeff aka cougar72 who have made an huge effort to bring out all the stuff to make the comp area and Crawler Village as awesome as it was. He has arranged everything in the end of France, so we own this guy a huge amount of gratitude. It has been a massive pleasure to work on the Worlds with THE organiser Jeff. Thanks also to Didier, Maryse, Adrien and every other volunteer who kept the food and other services running. It was phenominal to grap a pizza fresh from the owen and cold beer after the comp. Just the way it's supposed to be in a comp like this one!

Big shout out to the event sponsors too! First of all Crawlerkeller for beign a title sponsor! And course sponsors; RcBros, FanaticRC, Hulksta, DravTech, NEXT HERO and RFOT. There was also good bunch of support sponsors who gave away some cool prizes for the raffle; Barry's RC Carbon, RCP Crawlers, Dlux Fab and TGS Productions. Also big shout out to offipaita.fi making those awesome t-shirts and caps! And now that I remember, the awesome prizes were done by Tobias, so props to him as well!

Third thanks goes to my fellow ERCCA collegues Gabriele, Cedric, Arve and Stephan! This group surely keeps European RC Crawling on course to a better tomorrow! These guys worked their asses off (especially Cedric, Arve and Gabriele) judging every day, for the whole day. We need to remember that this ball doesn't roll by itself. We just have motivated group to push it forwards.

Thanks also to the other judges as; Marko, Christian and Pat. Also to all of the time keepers and helpers. Just couldn't be done without you. You know who you are!

Thanks to Sofi, Pertti, Saku and Arttu for helping me with the tech and organising stuff in France. That helped a lot during the weekend. Special thanks to Sofi with a huuuuge help on putting up the scores with me. We had to skip two dinners just to make it happen, but without the help, I'd still be there. Much appreciated!

I made lot's of new friends during this project and I'm really happy about how well this was pulled off. I'm hoping to get still another chance some day to arrange the Worlds, cause allthough it was a long and hard project, it was after all well worth it.

Thank you everyone and see you at the next ERCCA comp!

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Default Re: 2016 Worlds feedback thread

Samu and Jeff,

I would like to thank the both of you and everyone else that helped pull worlds off. The both of you did one hell of a good job.
This was an amazing event that run so smooth, from dinners to the lunches that were provided.

The people who attended the event were all amazing people, I meet and made so many new great friends.
Can't wait to do it all over again.
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Default Re: 2016 Worlds feedback thread

all the french staff were really happy to meet all of you
we did our best to show you South Est France specialties cooking
we all really enjoy this days, it look like this hobby catch only nice people
i really enjoy that work, no matter the time i spend on planning the reservation scaring of mistake
i will do that again if you want to
i would like to ..... even if it's over seas, that could be a huge challenge if we had to rent stuff we have in France + travels volunteers
doing the same at the same place will be easy and so we can do better than that very easily
i still have more ideas really cool to do the event nicer

the Camping is really happy to work with us and the restaurant thanks us for the respect of the timing

all furniture where provided from Didier so he will get the benefice of the pizza for himself

the weather was very good only on Saturday so the beer was less than we thought so without the help of the Orga and the camping it will be impossible to keep the volunteers in the camping

a big thanks to to RCCF - the french forum for his help with the tickets

the last help of the camping will be use to thanks the volunteers with a nice dinner at a good restaurant…. you will see the picture next week

i hope to do that again as soon as possible

see you soon, maybe in the French Championship, i will try to organize race in RC events to catch new drivers


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Default Re: 2016 Worlds feedback thread

one of the best events ever
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Default Re: 2016 Worlds feedback thread

Originally Posted by EGRESSor View Post
one of the best events ever

I have participated in many national championships in many different categories of radio control. Hundreds and hundreds of races, rallies, buggy nitro and electric, drift, extreme scaler, monster truck, free style, short course, slot car, 1/5, etc. This was my first race ever done on the crawler (and the result proves it), it was also my first World Championship in the RC and I can confirm what Eggressor writes:
A crazy cool! A fu_cking awesome!
Thanks to those who organized and thanks to those who participated in any way!
Thanks also to my fellow group, that I met on the field of play and they gave me advice all day long.
I hope to see all of you everybody again as soon as possible!
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Default Re: 2016 Worlds feedback thread

I agree to everyone! Worlds+Eurocrawl are my personally highlights in rc-crawling
So if the great Sarka-family plans another event,i'll do my very best to be there
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