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Thread: King of the Quarry, October 9th, Quincy, Ma

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Default King of the Quarry, October 9th, Quincy, Ma

Hey RCC people,

rcc moderators New england is very small, we have participants travel from Ct, Ma, Ri, and Nh.

Boston Crawlers will be hosting our 2010 King of the Quarry Event. This is a rock race designed around the legendary King of the Hammers race. It will be held in the Quincy Quarries, in Quincy MA, on October 9th.

The rules are posted below but the highlights are:
This is an unlimited event. Wheeled vehicles with a track width no greater than 16"
Terrain will be varied, over grass, gravel, and rocky terrain.
Vehicles should be capable of light 2.2 style crawling, nothing a stock AX10 with a descent set of tires couldn't do.
There will be several checkpoints and vehicles will be timed, no gates.

We prefer people register before hand so we have an idea of head count but the more the merrier, so feel free to just show up if you like.

There is no entry fee for this event.
Prizes will be given out to the top 3 drivers (lowest time) and we will have a bunch of door prizes for the drivers. Many thanks to all our sponsors: Wicked RC, Castle Creations, Panther Products, Axial, and Tekin.

The location and course map for this event are posted below. We encourage all interested in racing to visit the area and walk, or drive the course. This will give you a better sense of direction on the day of the event. No pre-running will be allowed the day of the event, but the course will be open for participants to walk before registration. (Added for clarification on 9/27)

Registration Thread:

2010 King of the Quarry rules

Vehicle specifications:

Maximum of 16" track width
No gas or nitro power. Electric only
Must be wheel/tire powered. No tank treads,robot legs,hovercraft,etc.
Any suspension,chassis,body, drivetrain, wheel/tire combo can be used.
Any driver using a non spread spectrum radio/receiver has to list their frequency when registering.


Must follow vehicle via foot. No bicycles, segways, helicopters,etc.
All on course technical support has to be done by the driver. No repair teams on course.
All repairs must be completed by the driver on course ie no returning to starting pit.
On course, drivers are not allowed to climb or jump from any object higher than waist level. (Vehicles are unlimited)

Course layout:

.3 mile circuit with a total of 3 checkpoints. Terrain varies from open grass fields to loose dirt/gravel to novice level 2.2 crawling terrain.
Drivers will leave on 30 second intervals and will be all racing on the course at the same time.
If a driver is not in the starting grid for his/her starting time they will receive a DNS.
Drivers must go through the checkpoints in the intended order or they will receive a DNF.
Winner is determined by the fastest completion of the course with all checkpoints.

Driving rules:

This is purely based on time unlike a 2.2 crawler competition.
The driver must follow his/her vehicle throughout the course.
Reversing does not accrue any points or penalties.
If a truck flips and can not right itself, a 2.2 competition style roll over can be administered by the driver.
If a truck becomes stuck and can not right itself or be flipped, a vehicle touch can be administered but must be placed with no further forward progress. Ie: if a truck becomes wedged between a rock, the driver can remove and place back on the course as long as it has not made forward progress.
Drivers making forward progress via a touch will receive a DNF.
With all drivers/vehicles on course vehicle to vehicle contact is allowed/expected(see list of examples).
Any malicious vehicle to vehicle contact or driver to driver contact will receive a DNF(See list of examples).
Any unintended contact of the driver and or vehicle to a spectator or any person who is not racing will receive a DNF(See list of examples).

Contact examples:

Normal racing bumping/rubbing is allowed. Ie: side of the vehicle to side of the vehicle, light front to back contact.
Bumping of a slower vehicle by a faster vehicle is allowed if slower vehicle does not yield to the faster vehicle aka "nerfing".
Malicious bumping/ramming of a vehicle to veer a vehicle off course is not allowed and DNF will occur. Ie: T-boning another vehicle so it flips or crashes or forcing a vehicle off course.
Driving over a stuck vehicle is allowed.
Intentionally contacting another driver is a DNF. Ie: A driver pushing a driver over.
Contacting any driver or anyone else on course is acceptable for aiding/safety purposes. Ie: if someone is falling/slipping.
Any contact to spectators and other people on course for anything other than aid is a DNF. This rule is in place because the course will be open to the public while it is run. We do not want any contact of vehicles or drivers to hikers or innocent bystanders.

Please post any questions.


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Default Race Begins

Hello RCC folks,

A little more information for this event. We will begin registration and tech inspection at 10:00 am. As we have said there is no entry fee and all are welcome. Please take the time to read the rules prior to the event. We will have a drivers meeting at 10:30. The racing will begin at 11:00 sharp.

All drivers will be randomized to determine run order. Vehicles will leave in one minute increments. This should give enough time to ensure people are not starting right on top of each other but will also guarantee some head to head racing. Please be courteous and have fun, thats what this is all about.

Once again:

10:00 - Registration and tech inspection
10:30 - Drivers Meeting
11:00 - Race Begins

Feel free to PM if you have any questions
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