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Thread: homemade parts, motor mounts and upper link mounts

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Default homemade parts, motor mounts and upper link mounts

I know some of you guys made your own upper link mount and motor mounts instead of purchasing them. I want to make as many parts myself as i can. Feel free to share some of your ideas if you can.

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I found this , How to create your own axle mounting links:

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theres alot of rc forums out there sreach them all youll find a big list of how to's
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just look at my thread on my truck, all the parts for that truck are homemade - wheel adaptors/wideners, servo mounts, upper link mounts, chassis

Say hi to Blue!

any questions just pm for info
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Originally Posted by cloddyman View Post
all the parts for that truck are homemade - wheel adaptors/wideners
Can you expand on this bit please?

BTW, I'm preparing a write up on how to make your own adjustable motor mounts, should be done soon.
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well i cant really do a step by step tutorial with pictures, but i can try in words

first off i took my 40 series wheel to my local canadian tire and found a bolt that was the same size of the 14 mm hex inside the rim. It turned out to be a bolt for 3/8 threaded rod stock. Now dont think that this is the exact bolt you may need because some different manufacturers of bolts make a different size bolt for the 3/8 threaded rod. So just go through the bolt bins until you find the right size one.

I then purchased 12 of these bolts, a pack of J.B Weld, and a foot of the smallest diameter brakeline they had available. Not 100 percent sure what it was, ill explain what for in a minute.

this is the process of making the wideners adapters, you will have to repeat this 4 times.....

take the brass 12 mm hex off the axle and place it beside three of your new 14mm sized bolts.

mix up some JB weld, and carefully spread a layer on the top of your first bolt. place shiny bolt number two ontop of number one and now you have two bolts stuck together. put a layer of JB weld on top of bolt number two and place bolt number 3 onto the top of bolt number 2. Now you should have three bolts stacked together. add another layer of JB weld to the top of bolt three and place your brass 12 mm hex bolt onto the top of your 3 bolt adapter. it should now be bolt # 1, #2, # 3, and then the 12mm brass hex. assure that all three 14 mm bolts are nicely aligned so as to prevent wobble in during driving, this may sound hard but it really wasnt. I then coated the outside of the entire adapter with JB weld to further increase the strength.

after 24 hours you can then install this onto your clodbuster axle and it will host a 14 mm wheel and be a little wider than most adapters that you can buy anywhere. as for making a bolt be able to attach to the stub on the inside ( aka hold your wheel on ) if i had been able to find some barrel nuts i wouldnt have had any problems, and your probably better off ordering some if you cant make what i did.

what i did was cut pieces of my small diameter brakeline into 3/8 of an inch and threaded them to match the clod buster axle stubs. I screwed these onto the axle stubs creating a longer axle that would now require a screw to be used intstead of a nut. I then used allen head machine screws and washers to hold my wheels onto the axles.

this whole ordeal took two days time, but only cost about 8 dollars in total.
eventually i might by adaptors for a future build but if i havent got the time then i will just do this again.
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