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Is it possible to make my wheelbase 16 inches and use the stock links that are given or do you need to fab longer links? Will the stock drive lines work for this setup as well or do you have to lengthen them as well. If you do need to fab longer ones can anyone tell me what they should be. What are good rod ends to use and what are the threads for them?


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In order to use the stock TXT links and have a 16" wheelbase, you need a new or modified chassis. If you use a stock TXT chassis then you'll need longer links.

In either case you will need to modify your driveline to handle the longer wheelbase. A lot of people use Traxxas sliders for driveshafts, and I'm sure there's a bunch of threads here on how to install those.

IMO, the best rod ends you'll find are the Dubro Monster-duty versions. These use 6-32 thread and can easily accept 8-32 if needed. Other people use the Traxxas P/N 1942 ends which I think are 3mm threads.
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Hello Ren.

You can move the long and short links that go from the chassis to the axles over. The top goes to the bottom and vice versa. Not sure if it gives the 16 inch your are looking for but it does extend the wheelbase and its free as you are using what you already have. You can then use the traxxas extending shafts to run from your motors to your axle.

If you go into the TXT 1 gallery and view the pictures you will get an idea of what others have done. You might have to go through a few pages but it will be worthwhile.

Hope this helps

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