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Thread: Air in a can........

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Default Air in a can........

Or should i buy a little air compressor?

Went to the beach, watered the truck down with water(no salt in it..lol), but, would an air compressor be adequate,or tear it down and clean it?

Again many thank you's for the opinions and suggestions!
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Default Re: Air in a can........

Sand can wear fast, but generally is easy to get off if its mostly pure sand. Air works great. Spray with WD40 to condition and lube things up as the sand will dry things out a bit.

Be sure to work all/any hinge areas as sand can pack in them to knock it around like a red-headed stepchild and work the bad parts out. heh.
Otherwise, check bearings as a loose shiled can allow it in. clear the tranny area, any shafts for shifting etc.
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Default Re: Air in a can........

Just watch on some compressors the air pretty quickly becomes a mix of air and moisture. I've got one like this that I only use for certain tasks but not others b/c once it gets too warm, it turns to a wet blast. Canned air does it too but usually only if I'm holding the can at a certain angle due to the freezing propellant and it evaporates quickly.

I would open up things like diff covers trans housing, etc depending on how wet everything got and see where you see signs of moisture. Then I'd just set the rig in a dry place to let any moisture to evaporate... clean out/ re-grease if necessary. I'd be more concerned about esc and servos if they're not waterproofed.
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Default Re: Air in a can........

My trucks spend a lot of time in the sand, and my compressor makes cleaning them quick and easy.

Things I would only be able to get off / out with disassembly can be easily blown clean. I usually turn mine up to between 60-80PSI and all of the sand comes out of everywhere. My chassis' usually look new again after a hit with the compressor.

I don't think canned air will generate enough PSI to do everything a compressor can. But if I didn't have room to store a compressor, hose and attachments canned air would be a pretty good next step down.
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Default Re: Air in a can........

I used to use compressed air cans, long ago - but it just felt wrong to have those empties to throw out. So I researched and found about these, and have been using one for ages - it's got a steel body, powerful AC motor, you can remove the foam filter and wash it and reinstall, and (if it matters to you) it's made in the USA - Metro ED500 DataVac:


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Default Re: Air in a can........

i almost never clean my rigs if i do ill just hose them off or toss them in the bath tub i give them a couple of good shakes and call it a day
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Default Re: Air in a can........

I use an air compressor to blow off the dust if it was not driven in water or mud. If the rig gets muddy, I'll spray it down with a water hose and then blow it dry with the air compressor.

I haven't tried the canned air, but I think they wouldn't have enough air or pressure to completely dry the rig off. Plus buying the cans of air might be costly. I'm sure the price of air has doubled just like everything else we buy now!
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Default Re: Air in a can........

Keep in mind, there are many other uses for the air compressor vs limited usage on those air cans. Air up vehicle tires, run air tools, clean RCs, clean other items, blow up pool toys, etc. And now they make some pretty quiet air compressors so you don’t have to worry about the loud noise.
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Default Re: Air in a can........

I tend to take my dusty/sandy rigs to work with me and use an airline off my works truck, works wonders!

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