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Thread: stupid brazing question

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Default stupid brazing question

I am just starting to build my 1st real project but have been planing for some time now. I am great with my MIG but I am going to braze my chassis I think. I have a butane fueled soldering torch. I can remove the interchangeable tips and just use the flame that is produce like a small oxy/acet torch.. Would that work to braze the metal?

Or do I have to use another process for alum tubing? Sorry for the dumb one but I'm just used to welding steel on my 1:1 projects and don't have much time welding other metals in other ways then Mig

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Tigging aluminum is the best. But needs to be high frequency. You can mig aluminum with argon gas. Brazing aluminum is a tough one. I've seen and heard about durafix, but havn't tried it.
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I can braze aluminum with no problems. AL-COR from harris corp.
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I brazed ally for the first time ever this past weekend. I used durafix and a normal (cheap) butane torch. I had one real bad looking weld, then I started pulling it off one weld after another. I have only arc welded and tig welded stainless before. Problem I found was that the torch takes very long time to heat the ally.
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thanks I'm going to be trying it within the next 3 weeks or so.
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Yeah i tried brazing alu with a mapp gas torch and well it melted it was going good until i touched the bumper with the brazing rod. After i kinda figured out the melting point it went good.
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