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Thread: XTM Axle pin removal how to

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Default XTM Axle pin removal how to

I just got done clocking my axles and the pin removal wasn't to bad to take out. You will need a good beach vice, ball peen hammer{2lb} 3/32 drift punch, 4 mm 1/4 drive short or long socket, brass punch. See pic1.
Remove the 2 axle screw king pins and the steering knuckle. Be careful when pulling the steering knuckle out, there is 2 plastic washer's and 2 flanged bearings. See pic #2 Next you will need a extra set of hands or something to support the other end of the axle { I used my drill press table} See pic#3. Now set the axle steering hub forks over the top of the jaw on your vice and make sure that you place the flat part of the axle down on the vice { this is the side that your servo mounts are mounted} place the socket in the jaws and bring it up until it makes contact with the ball end of your axle and the pin is in the middle of the socket. See pic #3 again. Now take your brass punch and hammer and drive the pin down flush with the axle ball end {while hammering on the pin make sure the socket stays in contact with the axle ball end, once you get the pin flush with the ball use your 3/32 drift pin and drive the pin the rest of the way out, remove the c clip and your ready to remove the screws on the axle housing and pull apart. when you are ready to put the pin back in, push the pin in and use your vice to press the pin back in until it's flush with the ball and then reverse the removal procedure to install.

Hopefully this one help a few people out, if you have any questions send me a PM. Thanks Jim

PS maybe this could be a sticky at the top?
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Default other idea

i just clock my axles also using this same method but instead of a socket i used a axial aluminum spacer from my ax10 kit, the pin fits nice and tight inside the spacer.
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How did it go Rusty clocking your axles, mine wasn't to bad, I had one screw that was a little close to one of the tranny bearings, but it just missed, other wise it sure inproved my clearence alot. I am also adding a another upper link mount on top of the traany case so my upper links don't have to be so long.
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