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Thread: 4-wheel steering??

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Default 4-wheel steering??

Is there any down falls on doing 4-wheel steering on the X-fator? I am really just using this as a crawler. I have locked thr front an rear and did the savage axle swap. If I do the 4-wheel steering mod do I need to add more batt for the extra servo? If so what is the best way of doing this?
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Default Re: 4-wheel steering??

4 wheel steering is cool but say goodbye to high speeds. With all four wheels turning it dosn't take much to flip it over. On rocks and at low speeds it's great. Also you can do standing donouts like the monster trucks. You don't need any more batterys.

What you need:
-servo (i went with the same that came on the X, except I got the one with metal gears instead of plastic)
-Y harness
-Reversing harness
-Servo saver

I think that is it, if I remember it cost me around 60-70 bucks for everything.
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Default Re: 4-wheel steering??

Yeah I didn't figure if would be good at high speed with 4 wheel steering. I think the truck handles like crap at high speed anyways but it really is a fun truck. I have to say I didn't know if I was going to like just crawling with this truck but it great. We had so much fun with the truck today I think I sold 1 or 2 of them for XTM.I know one of the guys that went out with us today is getting one next week now . I think I am going to order all the stuff tonight so I will have it by the weekend. Thanks for the info.
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Default Re: 4-wheel steering??

orrrrrr u could set it up so you can engage the 4ws on command i have seen many people do this by using a 3 channel radio. at the flip of a switch you can have 4ws for low speeds then click it off for high-speed 2wd action
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Default Re: 4-wheel steering??

yes u can do what u said dontstall...but if u wanna have independant four wheel steer on a 3 cahnnel controller.. u have to keep the r-box!! which is annoying.. its not like a clod :o they dont have an esc.. so u can only have either qwucik flik of he switch reverse.. or click the swith cand have independant 4 wheel steer.. its your vchoice but i would recomend the 3 chaneel contorller or reverse!!
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