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Thread: LIPO Capacities

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Default Re: LIPO Capacities

Originally Posted by durok View Post
Charger: Dynamite Passport Ultra (don't laugh, it was my first LiPo-related purchase a couple years ago, works fine)

Battery: Goldbat 3S 55C 6000mAh LiPo (budget Amazon purchase, third charge from new)

Charged at 1C rate from storage charge of 3.84v per cell

49 minutes later, it shows 4100mAh and 12.54v, 4.18v per cell, 20mΩ resistance.

Next I'm charging a trusty older SMC 3S 40C 4300mAh pack at the same rate from 3.87v.

I'll edit this post with the results.


38 minutes, 1658mAh, 12.54v, 4.18v per cell, 35mΩ resistance.
I got venom 3s batteries with 15mOhm resistance and I was worried.
My last batch of zippy compact 2s are sitting at 6mohm!

Yours are really high.

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Default Re: LIPO Capacities

Good information regarding your questions regarding lipo batteries.

Electric RC info, how-tos and such - TJinTech
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Default Re: LIPO Capacities

Full discharges down to 3.2v are NOT a good idea with lipo's, it puts a lot of stress/wear on the cells. Wear is essentially seen as internal resistance.

Lipos "wear" in a few different ways. The first is how many full discharges it sees. One thing to consider is two 50% discharges isn't the same as one 100% discharge. The later puts twice the wear into the cell. Same for full charge voltage, charging to just 4.1v puts much less wear than 4.2v. You'll also cause wear by leaving it above 4v for more than 24hrs. The last thing that wears a lipo is high-rate discharging. In most cases you won't come close to that with a crawler, but even a 3650 brushless basher will see spikes over 100A.

I beat the snot out of my boat batteries with constant currents over 120A, but never run them hard below 3.5v. Resting voltage is around 3.7v when I stop. Never fully charged for more than a day, always charged between 10-20 amps. After 2 years they're barely passing 3mOhms.

Originally Posted by Voodoobrew View Post
You should realise as you increase the voltage to the motor you also increase its ability to pull more amperage.
Most people mistakenly treat motors as purely resistive loads. Ohm's law doesn't work when you apply it wrong.
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