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Thread: 3 Link 4 Link length question

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Default 3 Link 4 Link length question

I know the over all length is dependent on just how far you are stretching the wheel base. My question is are all the lengths the same length? I mean are uper and lower front and back the same length or are they different. I guess the normal stretch is out to 12.5? If so how long are the links? How much longer than stock links? Any help would be great, getting the truck today! I feel like a little kid at Christmas with excitement. :-P
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While stock, I believe that the front and rear links are the same lengths.
I'm currently stretching the wheelbase of my WK crawler also and I found this article to be incredibly helpful.
One of the best WK crawler mods using the stock parts is flipping the chassis so that the rear, which contains a lot of weight with the battery box is made the front.

Flipping the WK chassis
1.Disconnect the servo from the steering crank system.
2.Remove the steering lockout piece from the rear axle and the steering crank and linkage from the front axle.
3.Mount the steering lockout piece on the front axle(which is now the rear)
4.Remove the center tranny and steering crank system.
5.Remove the steering crank that is on the left side of the tranny and place it on the opposite side(make sure that the side of the crank facing tranny is still facing it[just on the other side]).
Note:This crank rides on two 5x8 bushings, if you want to replace them with ball bearings, do so now. If not, add a bit of grease to the tranny projection that they ride on.
6.Remount the tranny
7.Screw the axle crank onto to the rear axle(which is now the front) and hook up the steering linkage.
Note: You may want to lube the screw that the axle crank pivots on. Also the adjustable steering linkage will have to be lengthened or the motor plate will not allow any steering travel to the right. I lengthened the linkage by about 5 turns (it may be slightly different on your truck).
8.Remove the servo bracket. Take off your receiver if it's attached to it.
9.Remove the servo saver from the servo and attach it to the steering system.
10.remount the servo bracket upside down, with the front of the bracket still towards the old front of the truck.
11.Center the servo, move the new steering wheels to the straight position and press the servo saver back on the servo. There should be an opening in the chassis to allow you to screw it down.
12. remove the wheely bar.

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Very helpfull, thank you.
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The very best way to determine the link length is to use a Wheel Base jig, very simple to make one, there are some nice sets for sale as well. The upper and lower links are usually not the same length, but a lot depends on the placement of the link mounts on the frame and on the axle and if they are to be straight or bent, there are many variables to be taken into account. Once you have the axles and frame set up in the jig it is easy to square up the axles, adjust and measure the links, the front and rear caster, frame center point, shock position, COG, and a host of other things that can effect the overall performance.
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where do i find one of these jigs? Pics? How do you make one?
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