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Thread: OS's SMT10

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I wanna be Dave
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Default OS's SMT10

Finally got an SMT built up... I traded for a used one a while ago, but it needed some work. I picked up the builders kit, used the goodies from the used one and built it up around the black chassis. Didn't take any build pics per-se, figure everyone knows what they look like by now.

Power is an old Holmes revolver on 3S funneled through an AX2 trans.. Low RPM, high torque, and second gear for some extra speed. It should drive a lot like a 1:1 monster truck. That's the theory anyway... Had to do some trimming of the skid as it was rubbing the can of the motor. On a side note, the kit transmission was beefed up by Horizon, and it's pretty nice. I built it and set it aside for future crawler duty.

Built it stock axle-wise for now, with open diffs, servo saver, and terrible stock steering link. I do have aluminum axles and some others stuff to swap over eventually but I wanted to give it a go stock first. I did pick up some swaybars for front and rear.

Didn't take a chance on the lower links though, I had a set of Yeti control arms floating around.. I picked up a second set and they work out perfect. WB is stock for now as well though I see a shorter WB in this trucks future. Unfortunately, my MIP CVD didn't work on the rear due to the extra length of the AX2, so the stock shaft is in there for now.

Proline Destroyers on RPM revolver rims. I bought chrome, but they didn't have enough offset to clear the front knuckles. I dug around and found a set of black wheels in the proper offset. I do have some clod size tires too, but I decided to go with smaller/lighter tires for now. Shouldn't stress the stock bits as much.

And dug this out of the mothballs... an old PL Apocalypse Summit body. Bought it for my E-Revo and never used it. I have the Summit cage here somewhere, but not sure I want to add the weight. I think with the right paint it'll look pretty decent as a monster truck!

Still have to finish/paint the interior and the body... it's on the list! 7 builds awaiting paint, I need to get cracking!
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Gold Star Baby!
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Default Re: OS's SMT10

Whoa a revolver in a 2 speed MT! Thatís cool. Looks like a lot of fun.

Thanks for posting this. I have a spare brushless set up around and have been kicking around ideas of what to put it in. One of these is towards the top of that list. Interested in seeing how it does and lasts for ya.
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: OS's SMT10

Very nice! Makes me want to dig out the Good Ol' SMT10 and give it a run! These are pretty fun to mash around when built up.

Pretty cool what you did with the 2-speed and outrunner in there.
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Default Re: OS's SMT10

Looks good. I have to finish my 2.2 version, but I want to have a shorter wheelbase.
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Default Re: OS's SMT10

Looks great. Curious to see how the 2 speed works
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: OS's SMT10

Me too. Someday I'll actually run it.. I'm getting there, lots of painting to do first.
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