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Thread: Motor - 3500kv vs 3800kv

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Question Motor - 3500kv vs 3800kv


I'm building my first kit, Yeti 1/10 and learning about electronic specs which is fun and I wonder if someone could explain is there a difference between a motor that is 3500kv vs 3800kv? I might start with a 2s lipo and switch to 3s if it's too slow for me. From what I've read and understood so far, I'm guessing one of them would have a longer runtime, since the numbers are so close would there be any difference? Also I'm planning to use it for casual driving, no bashing, no crawling.

Motors I'm debating
- Tekin 3500kV 550
- Castle Creations 3800kv with ESC combo

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Default Re: Motor - 3500kv vs 3800kv

Probably not much noticeable performance difference between only 300kv difference, lower kv generally has more torque and less rpm. Yeti is kinda heavy, motor is down in and tends to get hot due to lack of airflow, cooling fan maybe needed depending on how you drive and weather.

Which particular CC motor are you looking at? This one?
Sidewinder SCT 1:10th Combo with Neu-Castle 1410-3800Kv Motor (3.2mm Shaft)

Tekin is a better choice, motor is about 10mm longer for more torque (will help it run cooler)

Looking at specs the Tekin is a better choice. Wish Castle gave better specs on their motors like they used to, makes it difficult to compare their motors to other manufacturers.
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Default Re: Motor - 3500kv vs 3800kv

Are you looking for high speed, crawling speed, or both? HobbyWing and Holmes Hobbies are two other options to look at.
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Default Re: Motor - 3500kv vs 3800kv

LOL - Natedog(and now I see, Jato as well) beat me to it. I was composing and taking too long. Also, he(they) is(are) much more experienced than myself.

The Tekin 3500HD is a long-can 550 size sensored brushless.

The CC 3800kv is the 1410-1Y 3800Kv (newly released sensored model) and is a standard 540 can size.

Both are good choices, as would be the Holmes Hobbies 3500kv Puller Pro (available in 540 and 550XL can sizes),

We haven't got as much info on the Castle as it is new.

KV ratings can be slightly inaccurate, as well - enough to where you may not notice any actual difference.

You can also program the ESC to adjust power delivery in so many ways these days to make up for any perceived variations.

Also - there is the Tekin ROC 412 3100kV which although rated even lower is actually a very fast motor on 3S, aimed at rock crawlers and trail rigs - shorter can than the ProHD series Tekins.

I'd go Tekin or (personal preference) Holmes Hobbies.

Take the can size into account - VERY generally speaking, larger can is more capable of high-speed sustained running although less smooth at small throttle inputs.

Castle's newest ESC software updates have lessened the low-speed jerkiness notably.

Holmes recommends the XL for drop-in use in the Yeti for racing, as an example.

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