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Thread: new guy wants to build crawler, tell me what you think

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Default new guy wants to build crawler, tell me what you think

ok, im new to crawlers and beyond that, only a couple years (if that) into rc. i recently came into possession of some stock revo parts and decided to build a crawler. i want to use as many spare parts as i can and make the rest myself (i work in a machine shop, though we rarely have access to the cnc machines because they are always full of work). i have been toying with a few ideas so let me know what you think of what im planning. keep in mind this will not be a comp rig. im also thinking it will be around 1/8 scale. this is also very much a budget build.

pushrod suspenion using front suspension rockers at all 4 corners with stock revo shocks to utilize free shocks and also get good travel.

40 series wheels and tires.

e maxx trans with revo driveshafts to front and rear ends.

front axle made with revo differential and custom fabbed axle tube and shafts will be mip jato driveshafts that i have lying around.

rear axle will be no steer and again will use a revo differential with custom tubes and custom shafts.

custom made delrin high clearance lower links triangulated and uppers also out of delrin non-triangulated (or parallel, however you want to say it).

custom twin plate chassis.

those are the main design elements i came up with so far. please tell me what you guys think and give advice where needed, im new to this and im all about learning with this upcoming project.
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Sounds like you are off to a good start. Best thing to do is just go for it, build it the best you can and make changes if you need to as you go. You will get the hang of it.
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Everything sounds fine other than the MIP jato shafts. I doubt those will hold up to 40 series tires for very long. Id go with Revo lines for the shafts as well, they will be much stronger.
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Any progress on this build?
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i wouldnt use the 40 sires tires cuz there just to hard on the truck.
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