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Thread: OG Tamiya Monster Beetle

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Default OG Tamiya Monster Beetle

For many many years I always wanted a Tamiya Monster beetle..
Today that dream came true.. I stopped by the LHS and was bs'ing with the Rc dept guy in the airplane room (dont ask I just happened in there) and saw this sad little monster nbeetle siting on the floor.. so I asked whose "toy" it was, Assuming that it belonged to one of the guys that has a collection of stuff inthe shop. To my surprise he said no ones.. it came in with a die cast collection.. so I look at it.. all original, gold wheels, spiked tires and the original decals and speed control..
So I ask "how much" the response was "How much do you want to pay?" I say $25 bucks, only half joking, and then am told 50 and its yours...
so I ante up, and also get handed a box for the original MRC charge, and a Futaba sport radio, and am told these come with it as well..
so I get it home thinking to myself why the hell did I buy this thing.. and set to work.. everything was kinda corroded, the radio receiver battery box was disintegrating because batteries were left in it all these years, the radio? same thing.. lots of corrosion.. not to mention the contacts on the speed control..
anyways I start out cleaning up the speed control with a little emery paper, rip out the battery box, and swap over a deans plug from an older setup..
I did take the og spiked lug tires off of it and swapped on a long forgotten set of WK rubbers (I recalled I liked the way the blackfoot and MB looked with the Marui Big Bear wheels definatly more moster truckish) and after a good lubing up, threw in a 5000 milliamp stick pack and have been beating the heck out of it since.. dont worry pics are going to be up soon, And I plan on stripping the paint off and redoing it with some aftermarket repro stickers.. Im just glad that I finally got one!

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now that is my cup of tea.see i love it when you go to lhs and find a good deal!
my lhs get stuff some time's right now he has a rc10 for $30.00.and i am working him down to $20.00 it needs a lot of work.good find and have fun with it!!!
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nice find... i still have my org black foot with all of the JG suspension and the thorp dirt burner diff with slider shafts
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Awesome find

Still have mine, just can't seem to part with it.

Bunch of Thorp & CRP upgrades on it. MB has always been my fav!
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Ive got an original mib from 1986 im gonna sell cheap on the bay one day.I know what they sell for,but im pricing it way lower just to get rid of it oh and i have a original Midnight Pumpkin that is taking up space
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