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Thread: This thread needs more attention

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Default This thread needs more attention

The Worlds accommodation thread hasn't had a post in a few weeks so i don't feel terrible about bringing this up

I'm seeing a few things develop that can make or break comp crawling.

1st- We currently have a strong base that has a wide variety of experience (in years, events, builds, etc.) that are frankly good people

2nd- many of those still here have seen the decline in interest in our section of the RC hobby.

3rd- We have seen manufacture support come and go, leaving us to fend and scrounge for ourselves (with the help of vendors and creators on this site)

4th- We are now seeing a manufacture return to the comp crawling game. (Thanks RC4WD)

These 4 things (especially #4) are presenting us with an opportunity which we can take or leave behind. but that's up to us. And from what I can tell the level of willingness to help make an event great by volunteering is what's going break us down.

This is discussion is not: How do we bring new people to our hobby? or Why people have left? or etc

Please I want to have a better understanding why we have a struggle to get people judging for events. So please contribute your thoughts and feelings here. This is an opportunity to help create something special. Hopefully better, and stronger than what we had previously.

RC Rock Crawling Championship 2016 - Judges
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Default Re: This thread needs more attention

I know you have the greatest experience in crawler.
I thought the world in a country other than your bring the interest. It is the opposite it seems.
Why ? You tell!
We must always very careful to builders, just as they do not want to feel just sponsors but partners.
Ask for less, give more!
RC4W and Dlux make great efforts for our sport, in France they are also fine examples with Dahu Trialis, Ventru, Margouillat ....
and all other people from Europe , aso look at what exists in other country.
Get your USD and come to participate World 2016, you are welcome.
We need your experience, we all need to give for Crawler a real world value

Long live for the Crawler
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Default Re: This thread needs more attention

Thanks Maduff! I'd love to come out for worlds, but as a school teacher i cant leave in october to travel to EU
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