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Thread: Stock clod need more Flex HEEEEELP

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Default Stock clod need more Flex HEEEEELP

Ok been browsing around and well battling to find what i need so i added this post for advice...
I have a clod and a bull head the one i am lengthening by 30mm to fit the Tamiya F350 shell nicely as seen in a build before but i want to keep it stock other than the 30mm added in the middle. But my problem is i want more flex but still the stock look. Any suggestions. This one is not gonna be a daily driver but more shelve queen that i will run at comps and things just to show off. But wanna be able to park it off with a wheel mounted nicely up on something if you get what i mean....

My other clod well thats something completely different but i found enough info on the site to get what i am after

All advice welcome thanks guys.

More of my builds comming up soon when i get some time to finish them up...
South africa is far off of the level of some of the other countries so its difficult and expensive to match alot of the work seen here
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Default Re: Stock clod need more Flex HEEEEELP

This thread should help. The 4-link kit adds flex to your stock chassis that the stock Clodbuster suspension arms do not.

4 links on otherwise stock clod
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Default Re: Stock clod need more Flex HEEEEELP

thanks man seen that thread but looking to keep it looking like a stock clod with stock arms, was wondering if anyone ever played with that linkage system to get it flaxing more.
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Default Re: Stock clod need more Flex HEEEEELP

Funny this thread came up because i was going to make a post with pics and video about a mod that gives you the stock look but with more flex, but my camera doesn't work so i put it off. but i can tell you that the stock links will give you all the travel you need if you use longer shocks and remove the stock steering set-up.

I made a shock about five inches long that is basically just two sliding tubes with a spring inside and it made a huge differance after i removed the stock steering set-up and located the servos to the axle.

BUT the mod i was going to post is completely different and uses springs that pull the axle to the chassis for tension and used a roller in place of the old steering mechanism to limit and guide the movement of the axle.

I'll try to post pics as soon as i can but i have to buy a new camera and redo my mods as my clod was converted back to stock.
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