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Thread: Greetings!

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Default Greetings!

Hello fellow RC enthusiasts, greetings from southern California!

I have a few RC projects on the shelf and one in particular has started staring at me lately, mainly because everytime I try to climb a rock either a stearing rod pops off, suspension link fails, or the drive axle slips...TXT-1.../sigh.

Lotsa research and time thinking about it has me braking down and Modding my ride, still not ready and have a question I have not seen answered.

Almost done (right) with most of the mods, just have to move the servos me thinks.

I know alot ditch the cantilevers and move the shock mounts to the axles, but what if you replace the rod with another shock. What I did was use the stock shocks I had replaced and mounted them to the axle brace next to the lower link mounts. So basically it just looks cool ;)

Has anyone ever tried this or is this just a silly venture of a man with too much time on his hands?


Thank you for the thoughts


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Default Update...

Update for you crawlers out there, I have gone with more of a traditional setup, the 8 shock system was way too loosey goosey.

Got the drive shafts all mounted up, went with the rc4wd punisher II the 150+mm was perfect, just had to bore the holes out 1mm to fit up. Next up is fabricating the skid place, going to try and re-purpose all the cut parts off the chassis to make mounts and for the servos as well.

It's doing fairly well so far me thinks, have a multilayer flower garden to crawl around in. Needs a skid plate for sure.

Okie Dokie, will keep you posted on updates...
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Default Meh...

Update take 2, got the skid plate all mounted up and picked up that extremerc servo mount kit and am kinda bummed. Best I could do mounting the servo up is save about 1/2 inch really. It mounts onto the axle brace mounts unlike the one in the sticky whick looks to save at least an inch.

Think it's a runner now though, it was a brand new kit so am just gonna use the stock motors for now, will upgrade to hand turned and a gd600 when those burn out.

Other than that, will post a couple new pics and hopefully someone can chime in with some feedback on things I can do better.

Stay Safe...

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Default Re: Greetings!

Nice - I still have a TXT-1 that I turned into a crawler.. Main mods are Revo Shafts, 4:1 Axles, ThunderTech CVD axles. I am always modifying it...
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Default Re: Greetings!

Nice stuff! I also have one, older version, has Tamiya after market blue frame and TTR Emaxx 2-speed transmission. Slow first gear to crawl and zippy second gear for bashing. Sad, sits on the shelf now. Have fun!
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