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Thread: OS builds a CC02

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I wanna be Dave
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Default OS builds a CC02

Finally got the chance to crack this open and start messing around. I'm a huge Tamiya fan, always have been. Was very much looking forward to this truck as I pretty much look forward to ANY Tamiya build. This one however has me shaking my head. I love the quirky factor of some of the kits, and there's a ton of fun to be had bouncing around the backyard in a DT02 with a bear driving or a 6x6 Konghead but when it comes to the scale trucks, the designers seem to be out to lunch. What do I mean? Read on friends.

Let's get some unboxing shots first. Picked up the kit and a bearing set. I plan to build it mostly stock to begin with, but no way I'm using plastic bushings. In this day and age, no kit should come with these anymore. Frankly, it's embarrassing.

A couple of box shots. No cool box art here, just some photos of the kit. I find it amusing that the CC01 Mud Block tires are listed as a hop up. Visual upgrade maybe. Certified Daimler holographic sticker in the box corner is pretty cool.

As usual, the body is a work of art. Perfectly molded, no thin spots, and looks better in person than it does in pics. No one does lexan like Tamiya. Looks like there is molded headlights and taillights as well. This kit does have the optional TLU-01 lighting kit included, though it says "not in kit" on the box.

Tires and wheels...Tires are of course rock hard. I'll use them elsewhere, they really have no place on a trail truck. The wheels are brightly plated and look very Mercedes-Benz-ish.

All the parts laid out...Nothing like the smell of a new Tamiya kit!

Usual CVA shocks. Not super scale, but great performers. I have some of these that are 25+ years old, still holding oil and working fine.

Directions and the usual decal set. 3 hours of my life that I'll never get back! It's 3 hours well spent however.
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: OS builds a CC02

First thing I do with any kit is play with the wheels are tires. I'll be using the stock wheels initially since they look great with the body, but I'll be putting on some MST tires that came in my CMX kit. Much more grippy and the perfect size but still have the scale look.

No ABS here, parts are molded in a composite for this kit, in a combination of gray and black. Feels very strong compared to the usual ABS parts. Very nice! We start off with the transmission...

You can flip 2 of the gears to alter the internal ratio of the transmission. There's a chart in the manual outlining all of the ratios available. Anywhere from 11.09 to 29.28. Personally, I like my trail trucks in the high 30's to low 40's so it's still geared a bit high imo....might be ok with the smaller tires, We'll see.

Gears are stacked in the transmission in the low gear setting. Nice wide Tamiya nylon gears with a steel input gear. No durability issues here.

Spur is mounted up...note the small set screw that holds the through pin in. Odd setup. Clearly a slipper option is on the way. You are also asked to "rubber cement" 4 3mm nuts into the transmission for mounting later. Very similar to how the CR01 transmssion mounts to the skid plate. I never understood why it was done then, and I still don't understand it now. I used some CA glue to hold the nuts in. (Actually, 2 of them are held in with set screws similiar to the spur pin...I thought that was frankly ridiculous overkill and just used a dab of CA)

Complete and breaking on on 3v. I used a 35t motor ilo the kit motor for a bit less wheelspeed.
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: OS builds a CC02

Moving onto the chassis...Lots of molded magic going on. More of the composite, this time in black. Very intricate molds, all crisp and clean. Very nice as always.

3 molded pieces make up the majority of the chassis. There are several spots where there's more CA/3mm nut drop ins on the chassis. I do not understand the logic of this at all. Why on earth design this way ilo simply threading screws into the plastic? The only thing I can think of is extra strength, but every other crawler kit, not to mention touring car and even monster truck does just fine with threading into plastic.

Here's where I'm going to rant a bit. What on earth is Tamiya thinking? There are several of these little inserts (part C3), that get a nut pressed in. Well, some do, some don't. Some get glued to the chassis rails, and some don't. Really? Fiddly is not even the word to describe it.

Chassis rails attached.

Chassis rails are for some reason a 3 piece affair per side, with the ends being metal parts. The shock towers attach to the metal extensions, with liberal use of the C3 nut insert thingies.

A closer look at the instructions - step 11 shows the dreaded C3 parts - 2 glued, 2 not.

Front and rear assemblies completed, and ready to mount to the chassis. You have the option of mounted the servo laying down or upright - I chose to mount it upright as it puts the arc of the servo in line with the axle.

And mounted up....

Transmission drops in from the top and is secured via 4 screws from the bottom coming up through the chassis into the glued nuts inside the transmission.

A closer look at the overly complicated extensions with all the inserts....

A few thoughts on the chassis. The same company that gave us the Avante, Bruiser, and other incredible designs somehow dropped this turkey on us. I do not understand why this chassis is so incredibly over-engineered. There's simply no purpose to it at all. It's like they took the things that were annoying about the CR01 (which I like quite a lot,) multiplied them x3, and stuffed them in a smaller frame. I'm assuming that the chassis can be re-configured for various wheelbases, but it seems to have been done in the absolute most complicated way possible....even for Tamiya! The nut inserts are what drive me...well, nuts. Adds a ton of cost and complexity for no reason whatsoever I can fathom.

OK, I'm done my rant. Now that I've got that out of my system, moving to the axles..
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Quarry Creeper
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Default Re: OS builds a CC02

I’ll forgive some of it’s over complicated-ness if they have a IFS variant in the works. The lack of a pan-hard mount and the lack of a clear option to put the servo on the axle is particularly frustrating though.
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: OS builds a CC02

There is no IFS version coming. The CC01 will be sold next to the CC02 for the next 20 years probably.
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: OS builds a CC02

Wow, looking back at some of the pics, my camera does not like the black on white shots at all.. I tried to adjust a bit for better shots going forward.

Just one more chassis addition before moving to the axles - the lower link mounts. Both upper and lower link mount to a single bracket, of which 4 are attached to the chassis. They are offset slightly, and have 2 mounts so they can be mounted 4 ways. Lots of wheelbase options.

Time for the axles! Same gears as the rear of a CC01 so the axles are 12/22 geared for a 1.83 ratio. Of course they can be built with the diffs open or locked (locked in the same manner as well as a CC01 with plastic inserts) - since I'm building for the trail, I locked up both front and rear.

No bearings needed in the axle housing here for shims, the gears fit nice and snug. I didn't shim a thing.

The knuckles are designed different, but use the same axle and bearings as the front knuckle of the CC01. I didn't test fit, but I'd be willing to bet the CC01 knuckle will bolt in here, though the steering geometry might be a bit off. If that bolts in, then Dynahead portals should bolt in as well. Hmm....

Front built and ready to go. About 34 degrees of steering... hopefully some CVD's are in the works.

Moving to the lower links. One thing I was absolutely not a fan of is the plastic pivot balls. They are attached to the sprue right smack in the center of the pivot ball. They need to be trimmed very carefully to pivot properly. Eventually, these will get a metal replacement of some kind.

Nice to see a proper rear axle. Unlike the TLT, CR01, and F350 there's no steering knuckles out back, and no lockout required. If you like 4 wheel steer, you'll have to purchase a complete front axle.

All links made, and both axles complete... something looks off up front...

Yup, that can't be right.

Turns out I was not paying attention as well as I should have and bolted in the front axle upside-down. I had to remove all the link mounts and steering links, flip the axle and re-mount. Whoops!! After some re-assembly, we're looking much better!

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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: OS builds a CC02

Time for some shocking developments...

Shocks are tried and true CVA's - full size, not even mini CVA's, in gray flavor. I'm a bit disappointed in the fixed pistons, but there should be enough adjustability in oil viscosities to tune the truck as needed. Super soft oil (20wt) is included. And the red tinted oil matches the O-rings and bladders. I got excited over details like that for some reason.

Shocks are built with the small spacer inside, and very quickly we're done. Built out, they are about 86mm from pivot to pivot.

Mounted to the chassis...really starting to look like something here!

Of course, I always do some break-in on the moving parts. About 5 minutes on 3V in both directions to seat the gears, spread the grease and check for any issues. Driveline is smooth and silent, as expected from Tamiya. Couldn't resist bolting the wheels on check it out.

Standing on the wheels.... Chassis has a lot of flex, more so than my CMX and CFX twins. Suspension feels great on the bench, oils and spring rates are spot on.

If CVD's are eventually an option for more steering, Some narrower shocks will be needed. Everything just clears as-is.
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: OS builds a CC02

That is annoyingly over-complicated.

The composite plastics was a cool addition. I've never seen that on a Tamiya kit except for my TRF801XT.

The plastic links everywhere is also annoying - as bad as the plastic bushings. Tamiya is better than this and their kits and their fans deserve better. I'd love to see them really try to make a high performance trail rig. And that steering, or lack thereof, is crazy.

The larger shocks are surprising as well.

The resultant truck looks pretty good though. I'm sure you'll get it to perform if anybody can.

Those Tamiya shock oil bottles make me smile every time I see them. They take me way back to my first RC build. My dad and I built my Hornet together when I was about 8 years old.

And the no-trash symbols molded into Tamiya parts always crack me up.
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