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Thread: New kit sport questions

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Default New kit sport questions

Bought myself a red defender a year ago, so far I absolutely love this rig. So much I haven't touched any of my 1st gen scx10's! Jump forward and I got my buddy into the crawler scene (he's a huge go fast street rc guy), he bought the 79 bronco and bought the sport body for hard technical stuff.
Last weekend we went to a local place built by rc guys with TONS of obstacles. Rocks/logs bridges/ cement on burlap mountains/ natural water crossings you name it its there. My defender impressed me with hiw good it did on this stuff, only thing is this place is not for a "scale" truck like the defender. I was gonna start driving one of my 1st generation scx10's but after see parts and aftermarket are GONE I was gonna buy a scx10II BUT decided on a trx-4 sport builders kit.
Installed a NIB novak goat crawler system I had, some rc4wd five lug wagon wheels, axial bfg krawler tires, and a proline 79 Ford half cab (haven't figured out the bed cage yet)

1) what front wheel wells from traxxas do I need to work on the sport? The proline body is WIDE and I want good front coverage
2) I want to add traxxas factory front battery tray, one that goes between front wheel wells. What wheel wheels are need for this?
3)I want to get a servo better than the stock one in the rtr (my defnder one is horrible) Amazon has 35kg ones for $35 BUT. What the control angle? 270* or 180*
ZOSKAY 35kg high Torque Coreless Motor servo Metal Gear Digital and Stainless Steel Gear servo arduino servo for Robotic DIY,RC car (Control Angle 270į) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07S9XZYN2...ing=UTF8&psc=1
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Default New kit sport questions

For inner fenders youíll probably need the normal full width ones made for the Bronco & Blazer. The sports are too narrow for a lot of bodies.

Both the narrow and Bronco/Blazer fenders have a front battery tray, no need to worry there. I actually use the front tray on my sport without fenders because I donít need that extra weight. Simple zip tied to the chassis. But Iím going for strictly crawling so I have as little weight as possible on the chassis itself. Plastic bumper, no side plates, running boards, slammed suspension, etc.

And as far as a servo, 180 degree rotation is what you want. Also definitely get 35kg or higher. Iím running a 25kg right now but itís just not cutting it IMO. it works, but Iíve definitely stalled it out more than once in rough terrain. Iím currently looking at a 55kg from Amazon.

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Default Re: New kit sport questions

Get the wider fender set and trim it if needed.

For servos, the Amazon/Ebay/Aliexpress stuff is OK on a budget, but a Hitec or Savox (or something else more upmarket) rated at 25kg will kick a "25kg" Chinese servo's butt. I currently use an old Hitec 7955TG (24kg @6V) and besides lasting 5+ years in a rock racing kinda setup, it's so much faster, stronger and more precise than any of the chinese ones I've had, it's a night and day difference. So maybe invest in a good servo, 100ish $ is more than enough. Buy once, cry once.
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Default Re: New kit sport questions

Well I have no idea how to post pictures on here, but my lhs had the 79 bronco fenders so I bought and installed them last night. Also bought the 35kg servo from Amazon and I'm installing that as I text this
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