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Thread: Bringing back the K2-3L, all axial based K2-3L Build!!!!

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Default Bringing back the K2-3L, all axial based K2-3L Build!!!!

I bought a K2-3L chassis back in 08/09 and just put it in one of my gorilla chests when I received orders overseas. Well The day has finally come to Bring the K2 back from the dead. You can still buy this frame online and it was a lot of fun to build, especially since it has more room than the SCX10. For someone like me who has arthritis, it is a lot easier to work with, with all those extra millimeters.

So I intended this rig to be for myself, but I have changed my mind. I have now built it for my son. He's going to be 6 this year and I think it's a good time to start him out on it.

so this is a complete build, from the very beginning, that I pictured step by step, and I mean literally one picture after a step was completed.

*****It's really late and I need to get to sleep so I will fill in the blanks later of what each picture is and all that jazz, But i wanted to at least get the pictures posted.

First up is the list of parts

K2-3L Chassis $35
Axial 27T Motor with a 48dp 20T gear - motor came in honcho kit and gear was $4.99
Wraith Transmission and drive shaft - $40
Axial SCX-10 Aluminum Shocks - $40
SCX-10 Front and Rear axles with STRC 4 link trusses - $40 for axles and $30.88 for the mounts
upper links - Axial 87.5mm aluminum links - bought a bunch of links for $40, so these came out to about probably $8 for all four
lower links - Integy 115mm aluminum links - $27.58
Integy aluminum knuckle and steering links - $26.99 but I had a $20 gift card, so I only paid $6.99 for them
Integy 55T Crawler ESC - $36.99
Axial 2.4ghz controller and receiver - $30
Hitech HS645-MG Servo - $29.99
1.9 Axial stock rims and tires - $20? I think I payed for them
Proline Cherokee body - $25.99

Everything that I bought except the integy stuff and hightech servo came from members on the forum here. So in total i have about $340 into it, plus all of my time that I tore this thing down, put it back together, tore it down again to fine tune it, then once i got it right, i tore it down again so I could take pictures for each step so if someone wants a detailed step by step on how it looks it's here for the viewing.


I hooked up the lower/upper links because I didn't measure very well and it is a really tight fit with the wraith tranny.

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Default Re: Bringing back the K2-3L, all axial based K2-3L Build!!!!

Then I put in the transmission/motor in

I then hooked up the f/r upper links to the f/r strc 4 link axle trusses

Then I hooked up all of the axail aluminum shocks to the frame

Then I hooked up the f/r axles and their drive shafts to the tranny, hooked up the lower links and all of the shocks to the f/r axles

Here I hooked up the integy steering links

I made a custom mount for the hitec servo and then hooked up the steering arm to it

Here I hooked up the integy 55T crawler esc and the axial ae-3 rx

Here I mounted the on and off switch and then I cleaned up the wires with wire ties to the frame

Here I mounted the tires, obiviously

So there it is, I finally built it. I have actually changed the setup since I did this DIY, the setup I have now is a beast and kills the scx10 in crawling terms, and I will post pictures of it later. If anyone has any questions, just shoot me a pm and I'll get back to you.

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