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Thread: Yeti kit or Wraith Spawn kit?

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Default Yeti kit or Wraith Spawn kit?

I've been into crawling/scaling/trailing with my SCX10 for about 2 years now and loving it. I run my SCX10 with a 21.5t brushless sensored motor with a high torque rotor on 2S lipo only, I've been really happy with this setup.

I'm now looking to get another Axial kit and having a tough time deciding between the Yeti kit or Wraith Spawn kit.

I'm leaning towards the Yeti kit just now as it's a bit different and from the videos I've seen, can be made to crawl reasonably if you remove the sway bar and lock the front diff.

Is there a big difference in crawling performance between the Yeti and Wraith?

Will a 21.5t brushless system on 2S lipo be enough for the Yeti or Wraith? I'll be doing a bit of crawling and a bit of trailing. I'm not worried about high speed running.

Any help/advice much appreciated, thanks.
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Default Re: Yeti kit or Wraith Spawn kit?

Having owned both.. To me I think you would be happier with the Wraith.. Especially if you want to run brushed.. Personally I don't think of the Yeti as a crawler, but that's just me. I know people do it, I think they are more useful for high speed obstacle course U4 type tracks with a little bit of everything. Other people may have differing opinions I'm sure. Listen to a few different ones and do your research..
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Default Re: Yeti kit or Wraith Spawn kit?

based on what you are saying you want to do with it, you will be happier with the wraith, you would probably spend a lot of money trying to make the yeti be as good of a crawler as a wraith out of the box.

now if you found a dirty cheap yeti roller, then i would say give it a shot, but if your buying a new kit, not so much.
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Default Re: Yeti kit or Wraith Spawn kit?

I own both as well, both of mine are brushless setups for higher speed. That being said the Wraith crawls all over the Yeti in some situations (rocks, high clearance situations) in others the Yeti has an advantage (hill climbs, higher speed situations). The Wraith will always be setup a little better for the slow stuff with both solid axles, and the Yeti will always take speed better because of the IFS, it is just in their inherent designs. Wraiths are also a little more durable out of the box for the most part, whereas Yetis are more prone to breakage in my experience (mostly because of the higher speed by nature). I love my Yeti, it is hands down my favorite truck to drive, but I had to put some work into to make it as reliable as it is. My wraith never had many issues, I only upgraded a few parts and it is just as reliable.

You have to decide what you'd like your next rig to be. High(er) speed U4/bouncer/basher or the slower capable crawler/bouncer.
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