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Thread: SCX24 Body Posts

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Default SCX24 Body Posts

I would like to put another body on my SCX24 and mount it as low as possible. I have been searching for a body post solution that will let me raise and lower both the front and rear of the body. All of the shock towers I have seen have holes for body posts, but these holes are only used in the front.

A set of body posts like these (https://www.xray-shop.com/p/3849/com...s-4-body-clips) would be ideal, I'd try them, but can't find them and I don't think X-Ray ships to the US and no one seems to make anything similar for the SCX24.

I saw that the Gladiator uses hook and loop in the front and that may end up being my solution for the rear, but body posts would be preferred.

Not a fan of the magnets, I think the aluminum posts on ebay will be too heavy and raise the body, and I don't like the posts Axial uses on the Deadbolt, are there any other solutions?

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Default Re: SCX24 Body Posts

Originally Posted by _e_w_ View Post
Are there any other solutions?
You might be able to find what you are looking for on the Shapeway site.

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Default Re: SCX24 Body Posts

Thanks for the suggestion. Didn't see any body posts.

I found something else that may work, but like the X-Ray posts I can't find anyone that has them in stock and they may require making new holes in the frame rails, which shouldn't be a big deal.

As of now I'm thinking that my best option may be to get some all thread or different length screws that I can use with a body pin and use a nut or an o-ring on each post to adjust the height of the body. This option will be much cheaper and the parts are readily available at the local hardware store.
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Default Re: SCX24 Body Posts

You can use these but they are slightly thicker and will need to be filed down a bit to reduce the diameter. Come with 1 double rear posts an 4 single posts. Axial doesn't sell replacement posts without buying the entire frame.

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Default Re: SCX24 Body Posts

Thank you for sharing those, but I've come up with a solution that I will share once I do my build.

It's a very easy solution that was staring right at me and it uses an existing Axial SCX24 part, I just had to think outside the box.

I'm sure someone else has done it and it's a part Axial should make. The change to the mold (if that's how they're making parts) would be simple and straight forward.

The body mounting system on the SCX24's is nice, but it's not very friendly to those of us who want to change bodies and adjust the height of the body.

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Default Re: SCX24 Body Posts

If you are using a truck body/flat bed and would prefer using body posts so you can raise/lower the body without adding weight on top, clip the posts off the front JLU body mount (part included with AXI201002) and flip them upside down.

For my build I will be using posts in the rear and a stock JLU mount in the front. I have not mounted the body, but have placed it on the mounting points and it appears that I will be able to lower the body a bit more than where it would sit if I used stock parts all around.

I am using the Pro-line Cliffhanger body.

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