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Thread: Project X....Z-Maxx Chassis

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Default Project X....Z-Maxx Chassis

So now that the Clod, TXT and GP are done, time to get moving on this unique project..A while back Morten (SnoopMaxx) designed a chassis for his Mad Force axled truck...
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A friend named Shane Szczerba asked Morten to modify the design to fit an Axial trans and got a few sets cut from Delrin..He is building a set with Wraith axles and trans, his friend is building a set with Clod axles and he asked me to do a TXT setup...His goal was to have something somewhat universal for different setups..I decided to stay with the Axial trans as well to match up with the TXT axles. He wants us to test the durability of the design not so much the material as he will most likely use aluminum...unless the Delrin holds up lol. (I apologize for the dark pics)

So I came up with the name Z-Maxx and both guys seem to like it lol...incorporates both of their names lol. Got the chassis and cross braces last week and finally starting tinkering with it..Got sum axles from Kent (thanks again) and he was nice enough to change out the 6mm output shaft of the diffs to 5mm to match the Axial trans (Junfac driveshafts fit right on now)..The cab of chassis is removable and can be adjusted forward or back in 3 positions, so it will fit various types of bodies. Also running the chassis without the cab will allow you to mount the shocks higher and run a longer set to get more travel. Tons of holes for mounting upper and links so I should be able to get the correct link geometry..

Here are a few comparison pics next to Ernie's (kingklod) Clod chassis design...they are the same height, but the Z-Maxx is longer by about an inch or so...about the same width too...I could see a Clod setup having some issues as far as Clearance for the gearboxes but any Shafty setup should work great..

So my plan is to use a Tekin 5300kv Redline motor with a Mamba Max Pro ESC...using the Axial trans will give me way more gearing options. Gmade XD piggyback shocks...wheels and tires should up yesterday..Thanks Preston! The chassis has a spot for sway bars that I should be able to utilize but I might go with a second sway bar setup on the links like my other trucks. Im hoping the marriage between the TXT axles and Axial trans will work like I think it will...
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Default Re: Project X....Z-Maxx Chassis

I measured for my links last night and will place an order with Brett this weekend..hopefully by next week I can have it together..Driveshafts are the only other thing I need to order, probably will go with the Junfacs again..This truck is going to be really light and with the TXT Pounder gone now, I will use the MMP and Tekin 358 (5800kv), and it should move along pretty quick.

I have the Xtreme Racing BTA but I have a better mount on the way from a friend I will try out first..might give me way more clearance. Stay tuned for more updates
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Hey KingClod27, are you done with this. I'm looking for a vid, LOL..

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Default Re: Project X....Z-Maxx Chassis

He still has it in the works. He's been at the MT worlds th is past weekend.

Here is the one I built up with Wraith axles. A couple videos scattered in the thread.
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Default Re: Project X....Z-Maxx Chassis

Thanks Shane!...yea sorry guys, got busy getting the other trucks ready for Diggers Dungeon

Now that Diggers Dungeon WF8 is over I can get back to work on the Z-Maxx...Since I have had time to think about the truck setup I have 2 options for setups...Debating on using the cab or going cab-less, dual or single shock setup (the chassis is very light so I will use a very light shock wt oil for either setup, I know a dual setup isnt neccessary but it will look cool). I will take the springs off of 4 shocks and take sum of the oil out as well. Otherwise Ill stick with the Gmade Piggybacks and give Barbarian a new home....Also heard the TTR will do a small run of CVDs I will get a set of CVDs and TXT wheels and drive hubs so I wont have to use wideners and add that much needed strength to the axles...

Right now all I have to order are the 4-links and driveshafts and I can have a roller. For electronics, I wanted to do something different since this is a prototype chassis, so Im going with the Toro SCT 4000kv or 4600kv system.. 120amp ESC with a fan. I can tone it down so its not a complete over kill lol. Hopefully will make good progress on this stay tuned!!!
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