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Thread: Hit and run with no insurance, any advice?

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I wanna be Dave
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Default Hit and run with no insurance, any advice?

Back Story:

I was setting at a light a few weeks ago when two girls sideswiped the front of my truck while attempting to squeeze between me and the car in front of me. They were attempting to travel perpendicular to traffic while I was setting still (blocked in by traffic).

I got out to them laughing and chanting "you gonna buy us a new car! yes you is!" (welcome to Ky ). I asked them to move to the side of the road, as the area I was in was highly congested due to it being 5pm on a Friday (I didn't want to die for a fender bender) but they ignored me insisting to stay in the middle of the road while blocking two lanes "until the popo see's what you done". I wrote down their license number and took a picture with my phone, moved my truck to the shoulder and watched them drive away going the wrong direction up a one way street.

Despite the fact that my truck was pretty much unharmed (scratched the bumper) I went ahead and called the cops, talked to a really nice officer who informed the woman had insurance and confirmed the license plate number I had. The officer gave me a report number and I got ahold of my insurance company to let them know what happened.

The issue:

I got a call from my agent today informing me that the chick had "requested a check from him for damages" to her vehicle because of an incident in which I hit her in a Lowes parking lot nearly 50 miles from where the incident happened in another town and fled the scene. ...riiiiiiiiight

So I paid $10 and got the report today, which said of course the moron doesn't have insurance (it lists mine on the report but not hers)! Funny that because I did the right thing I'm exposed to greater liability now ... Everything else is completely accurate in the report and it even mentions that it's a hit and run, clearly showing her as the at fault driver.

But here's the kicker, my truck is worth maybe $2000 (there's literally no sense in driving anything nice downtown, as this post should show you) and although I carry more than liability, by my understanding of my policy I don't think it will cover this situation.


So this leaves me with a couple of questions,

1. Are there other ways can I go after this chick? (Warrant, could I file with my insurance anyway?). My understanding of the law has always been that if someone does damage to another individuals property they have a right to have that person to make their property whole again. Maybe that's the theory ... not the practice.

2. How did she even know about the incident (she instigated the call to my insurance company)? Because if she got the policy report for free that's a whole other level of crap ...

3. Since when was it totally cool to just drive around without insurance, get in crashes, drive off and have no repercussions?

To be clear of my intentions, I really don't care about getting my vehicle fixed (that would be nice) as much as I want to make her day a little crappier.

Anyway, any thoughts or advice would be nice. If anything hope you got a laugh out of my misfortune.
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Suck it up!
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Default Re: Hit and run with no insurance, any advice?

Get in touch with your insurance company. Chances are good that they will go after her for damages. I had a friend in a similar situation...hit and run, offending party had no insurance, his vehicle wasn't worth all that much either and had minimal damage.

If insurance is mandatory in your state, they may even take her to court and make her day reeeeeeally shitty.
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: Hit and run with no insurance, any advice?

Post up her information, we'll take care of it.
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Quarry Creeper
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Default Re: Hit and run with no insurance, any advice?

^ LOL!

Insurance is retarded. Whoevers innocent usually ends up fawked. And whoever does get any money will go through hell to get it.

Reallity says youre probably screwed. The miss has been F'd by 3 different people in the last 3-4yrs who didnt have insurance.

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Pebble Pounder
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Default Re: Hit and run with no insurance, any advice?

why I have full coverage with under insured motorist on my POS commuter.

To many times over the years, been hit by some tool that had insurance long enough to get the insurance card and their plates renewed.
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RCC Addict
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Default Re: Hit and run with no insurance, any advice?

once again the law upholds criminal's wrong doings and you as the victim will get punsihed for calling the cops.
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R.I.P. Chip
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Default Re: Hit and run with no insurance, any advice?

Was she issued a ticket for hit and run?

If not, I would be in contact with the police and find out why not.
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Default Re: Hit and run with no insurance, any advice?

keep running
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Default Re: Hit and run with no insurance, any advice?

Do insurance companies give out money based on someone's "claim" that you hit her? I would expect the insurance company to require a police report. If so, she obviously filed a false report, which is a crime in itself. Smells like possible insurance fraud. She could have intentionally turned in front of you, making it look like you hit her in the side (why she didn't want to move her vehicle, "until the popo see's what you done"), and then left to file a false claim for "you gonna buy us a new car! yes you is!". Depends on the insurance company and your agent, but I would call and see how hard they are willing to work for you. Mention insurance fraud and false reports to get them interested. Isn't there a fine or other penalties for not having valid insurance?
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Quarry Creeper
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Default Re: Hit and run with no insurance, any advice?

actually you calling the police may have saved your buns in that case. if they did go to another site and clam that you hit them then it would be on you. but since your report was filed first, and on the original scene with witnesses its on her. also be glad, i was riding with my cousin on the way home one day when a car came across 3 lanes of traffic and hit us. no hit and run, the guys car went into the woods and hit a tree. but the accident went on record as my cousins fault because south carolina is not a no fault state, and the man was shot and driving to get help. made me miss my old kentucky home when i found that out.
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: Hit and run with no insurance, any advice?

yeah shit is messed up that way, did you get any witness statements when cops got there....all that will go in your favor....i'm in the middle of an accident as a witness now from dec....i was at a light and when it turned green for me and opposing traffic, i started pulling out looking both ways....never know who's gonna try to beat the red light ....watched the guy across from me pull out, then looked left to see this pickup floor it and hearing the 4 barrel and passing gear kick in from 75 feet from the stop line ....he had to move over to his right cause the guy pulling out across from me was already half way across the roadway....well the pickup already at close to 45 MPH "trying' to make the light which was red when he kicked it in instead of being smart and start to stop at the RED light ....he got hit in his rear tire on the drivers side of his truck, spun in a 360 that carried him down the road for 100 feet spinning around then had to stop where he was 200 feet down the road....well short story is i have to be in court for the guy who had the green and moved after it turned green for him and me that got hit, cause this bozo who kicked it in trying to make the red light after it turned red hit him is saying he ran the red light and hit him ....this guy had his brother there on the scene directing traffic who said he was a cop, but wasn't in his truck cause he had his truck parked next to my car and showed up a few minutes after the crash was done....don't know if he was driving along with this guy following him to where ever or what, but he was blocking me and the other witness from getting his brothers plate number hmmmmm ..........bob

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From the way you said they were talking , I am not surprised they have no insurance . Clear case these waste of oxygen are pulling a scam . They won't get away with it , they can't speak proper English let alone out smart an insurance company .
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I wanna be Dave
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I don't see what the problem is....provide your insurance company with the photo of the crime and file a claim against her for hit and run...tell them you need your front bumper replaced.

Btw, there are plenty of "citizens" around here that have no insurance....the first thing that I do (and have my wife do as well) is to call the number on their insurance card and verify that it is a valid policy. If not, the cops will immediately get a call.

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Federal Taco Inspector
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Default Re: Hit and run with no insurance, any advice?

You= that really sucks, wish I could help.
Them= dumba$$es, who let them drive anyways?
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