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Thread: Powering Everything?

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Default Powering Everything?

Hello all!

I understand the basics of rc wiring/powering, I know some projects may need more than one battery, and I know the importance of a BEC, but I'm still a little confused and unsure about the best way to put all of this together for a rig with ALL the bells and whistles. I'm talking winch, lots of lights, sound module, multiple servos, etc. Everything powered up and running with ideal voltage flowing.

Do projects like these always require multiple batteries? Multiple BECs? If there is already a detailed thread here about this or a build thread where someone went all in on a rig like this it would be awesome if you could post the link, or just any information about how you'd go about making all of these components work together without burning your rig to the ground.


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Default Re: Powering Everything?

If you pick the right parts, you will only need one good BEC to power everything. I've got a winch, HV servo, and a bunch of lights running of a single Castle 10A BEC set to 7.4V; my Proline lightbar and Spektrum servo run off the BEC at 7.4V, the headlights, brake lights, and turnsignals run off the ESC's 6V power, and the winch is fed by an 11.1V lead off the battery connector.

There are so many options for RC electronics that one can easily build a solid electronics setup on a single 2s or 3s battery and a single BEC. The biggest thing to worry about is having enough current available to keep your receiver from browning out. But that should be taken care of with the aforementioned "one good BEC." At minimum, all RC electronics (that you should/would want to use) will handle 6V fine. A high end servo will take 7.4V or maybe 8.4V; lights will vary widely, depending on what setup it is.
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Default Re: Powering Everything?

For all of your wiring needs
HeyOK has everything to get the power to where you need it.
The No Brainer BEC will save you a headache.

HeyOK's RC Electronics items (all in one place)
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Default Re: Powering Everything?

Thank you! That's exactly the kind of description I was looking for. I figured it could be done with one battery and BEC, I just wasn't sure about which components should run through which parts.

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Default Re: Powering Everything?

Batteries are limited to the "steps" in voltage that a single cell comes in, IE 7.4v, 11.1v, 14.8v, etc - and that's just NOMINAL voltage. Fully charged is over 10% higher than nominal, and many electronics will be damaged when fed 10% over their rating. Not only that, but some lights are 3v, 5v, 6v, 12v, or a range of 6-12v, etc. Same for winches, sound, etc.

Find out what voltage range all your parts use, see what overlaps & what doesn't then you've got the total number of BEC's or batteries you need. A good enough BEC is better than a separate battery as there's no voltage sag. Hobbywing offers 8/15A and 10/20A UBEC's if you need some crazy power.
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