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Thread: NIMH pack charging not in one go -question

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Default NIMH pack charging not in one go -question

Hi, Thanxs for all the info, I've read quite a lot - and still has my question, so here goes:
- I have a old'ish Orion NiMH Rocket Pack2 5100mAh 7.2V stick, it was forgotten for years (so probably dead).
- I have also an Orion IQ605 charger. Set at NiMH, cutoff at 5000mAh, charging slowly for now 0.5A (batteries remain cool to touch)

I will have to break the charge into two or three sessions.
Do I need to keep track of the sesisons I have already charged it, to know when it is supposed to be fully charged after 3 or four charge sessions? or does this charger measure when the battery is full.

For this charger, I do not know if the "Full" / "End" message is only time / charge-capcity driven or if it is measured.

Any advice would be welcome. (Oh, no i will not switch over to LiPo yet), first need to get into it again (still a rookie)
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Default Re: NIMH pack charging not in one go -question

The 5000mAH limit is per charge session. So it's not working on multiple sessions. This is usualy a fail safe if there is a bad cell it can take the current and turn it into heat. So if the battery is bad it will take more mAh than it is rated for but get really hot.

.5amps will take 10.2 hours to charge your battery if it was dead. Dead might not be 0 volts. Usualy it's 5100 usable mah, but that's lipos.

You can Google the manual but just looking at the thing (since it charges lipo's) I assume that it detects voltage while it charges and will automatically shut off if set to nicad 6cell.

You can gradually increase the amperage until you can feel it get warm or you reach the max recomendation charge rate. I don't know what that is for nicads though.

Myself I use lipos, and when they get a little puffy at about 1 year I give them to people who are bolder then me for free.

I don't really have experience with nicads much past charging AA batteries on my hobby charger.
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Default Re: NIMH pack charging not in one go -question

I would either make the switch to lipos, or buy a new NIMH battery. Charge at a 1c rating. For example 5000mah.. Is 5a charge rate.

Personally, even if you are a rookie, switch to lipo.

Dont charge that old battery. Not worth the risk. If it was a lipo though, i could walk you through bringing it back to life. A lipo is less dangerous than a NIMH battery these days. Trust me.

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nimh iq605

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