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Thread: Wheely King Axle Breakdown pics

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Originally Posted by 97sfeclipse View Post
After all this time, what is the best option for stronger ring/pinion and axles for the WK? I ordered the Integy Heavy duty gears, the details said they were direct fit but after intalling them I found out the stock axles will NOT work with it. You have to use the Integy cvd's with the crosspin. So for two sets of gears and 2 sets of cvd's thats over $80. Seems like alot. I also broke an axle after half of a 4600mah 6 cell nimh just like in the picture earlier in this thread. Sucks its so easy to break, but nice that it took 2 min to replace it after I got another one. Anybody having any luck with the alum tranny gears too? I'm putting a Traxxas VXL system in it so it will need to be strong. Thanks, T.
ring/pinion:expensive but well worth it...

The aluminum tranny gears are better than the stockers but at the end of the day they'll still strip. I leaned real quick when it comes to driveline components that you just pay the money up front for the heat-treated steel components and never look back... In my case, I stripped 2 sets of plastic gears and one set of aluminum gears. That was with spools in both axles and the slipper locked. Now I run an R2 Heavy Duty from RC4WD but it won't work with the stock chassis...I'm running a scale chassis but I believe there is a vender that sells steel gears for the WK tranny. So, Novak 55T mtr on 8.4v, R2 Tranny, Savage Shafts, the diffs in the link above, spools, and stock axle shafts which don't last long...well the fronts don't...the rears seem to do fine. I'm about to order some RCP CVDs and hope for the best.

A VXL system in a WK huh? Well, I've got that system in my Slash which is designed for it (to an extent) running on 8.4v and I can only imagine the carnage that would happen to a stock or near stock WK drivetrain...seriously, if the VXL system is ~$150, you can plan on spending close to that much more on beefing up your driveline to handle it reliably. Those figures assume you pay retail prices. What is your goal for your wk? crawler, basher, trail rig?
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The vxl IS now installed. Its awesome. I geared it to 18/93 and it will wheely from almost any speed. I just finished painting a Grave digger body, painted an extra chassis green to match. I'm building it as a wheely monster and run around the track like a real monster truck, slap wheelies over every jump and just playing around between races. Should make for some good videos also when its all grave digger. Im not going wide open throttle on her either. Just enough to get the wheely up then just enough to keep it up which isnt much. All I have installed is lockers in both diffs. But I do have alum trans gears, steel driveshafts, integy hd gears, integy cvd axles and a 32p spur/pinion for when the stock stuff gives. All my racing buddies want one now lol.
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Exclamation Wheely King HD Ring and Pinion #86336

Hey All, Looking for some advice, Just went through two HPI 86336 HD ring and pinion gearsets in my WK. Installed it the first time, shimmed between the bearing and ring gear (push closer to pinion, tighter mesh) and ran fine for a few good runs...then obvisouly broke a tooth on pinion as I could hear it skip...took apart, installed brand new gearset, took out shims (thought may have been too tight, heated up and broke) now it only lasted half a battery and broke 2 teeth!!! What gives!!! Do i need to go for the HPI 86324 which is the sintered metal edition?? Or try Axial's??

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