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Thread: Waterproofing tips while building the kit?

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Default Waterproofing tips while building the kit?

Hi everyone,

I'm considering getting a CC01 kit as a scale trail runner, the Unimog 425 specifically. I've seen a lot of videos on Youtube where they run in really wet conditions and I'd like the option to do the same. That got me thinking about what I can do to help waterproof the rig while building it.

Everyone recommends a bearing kit, but would sticking with the bushings be a better idea if you're going to be getting the rig wet? There's no bearings to trash if you're running bushings.

Is there any need to seal the diffs? And how would you do that?

Is the LED light system vulnerable?

What else?
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Default Re: Waterproofing tips while building the kit?

I was discussing this with a fellow CC owner. He likes to run in deep water and mud, and the trans gears get crunchy after a few runs. He just has to open it up and clean it out once in a while. The transmission can be sealed in theory, but it's a lot of work. Frankly, I don't see how it's worth it. The tub does a good enough job of keeping out most of the crud for occasional mudding.

If you're building as a trail rig, you'll be locking the diffs. No sealant is needed.

The Tamiya LED light system is not waterproof. I'm sure it can be made so if you pull the box and seal the components, but stock it is not set up for water.

A good set of waterproof electronics and a set of sealed bearings should be all you need. Case can be made for bushings in the front hubs and on the rear axle, but sealed bearings should be ok. Just clean, dry, and re-lube after muddy conditions and you should be fine.
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Default Re: Waterproofing tips while building the kit?

Buy comformal coating to brush the electronics

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