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Thread: Broken Driveshafts?

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Default Broken Driveshafts?

Every time I try to climb something my driveshafts stop spinning.

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Default Re: Broken Driveshafts?

We're gonna need more info.

Is the motor stalling? Is it an Axial AX10 or something else? I only ask because you're a new member and its an old rig.

It sounds like the motor may be stalling which could be a bad motor or battery. Whats in there?

If its an AX10 the old drivshafts were easily broken or twisted but that should be pretty easy to see.

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Default Re: Broken Driveshafts?

Possibly the slipper clutch?

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Default Re: Broken Driveshafts?

It is an Axial AX10 Scorpion and the motor is not stalling. It is a 55t and it seems like the driveshafts just slipping.

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Default Re: Broken Driveshafts?

If I remember correctly the original 3 gear transmission in the AX10 Scorpion didn't have a slipper clutch.

From what you're saying, I assume it drives kind of normally on level ground and stalls out when loaded (trying to climb). Can you hear the motor/transmission turning when trying to climb? Is it noisier than driving on level ground? If this is happening, then I would suspect stripped gears in the transmission. Or, a stripped transmission spur gear (plastic). The motor pinion gear is metal so the spur gear would strip first.

Could also be the mesh between the motor pinion and transmission spur is out of adjustment. The grub screw in the pinion gear could be loose but usually the pinion gear will fall off the motor shaft if the grub screw comes loose.

There is a plastic "drive hub" that is bolted to the spur gear. It fits on the transmission input shaft and has two (2) flats that provide the "drive" to the transmission gears. Over time and abuse, the flats get rounded and then there is no drive input to the transmission.

The above things should be relatively easy to see if it is the original transmission as there was no pinion/spur gear cover on these transmissions.

It is unlikely you would have stripped the splines on both the front and rear driveshafts at the same time (well, maybe not so unlikely) so one driveshaft should still be driving the axle if all of the above things have checked out okay. Another thing about the transmission output shafts and axle pinion shafts - they have flats (not through pins like the later designs) where the driveshafts connect to them, so make sure the driveshaft grub screws are tight.

Don't know how much RC experience you have, something that might help is an Axial manual for the AX10. Go to axialracing.com, at the top of the page hover your cursor over "SUPPORT", click on "instructions" from the dropdown menu, scroll down to "KITS", and the first 3 (three) items you see are manuals for the AX10 Scorpion. I would download the first manual - AX90001-i002 - AX10ô Scorpion KIT to start with. This should help trace the drive train from motor to axles. Start with the motor/transmission and work your way to the axles.

Good luck.
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Default Re: Broken Driveshafts?

axial has always had a issue with the little gear inside the 3 gear transmission at some point in time it was replaced with a metal one but for some reason it still wares out faster than the plastic gears its meshing with unfortunatly you have to open the trans to find out
they sell hardened gears for that trans that will solve the problem
in my opinion you should upgrade to a full metal/aluminum trans unit the chinese ax10 transmissions are dirt cheap right now and come with the metal gears inside already and there only a few dollors more than just the gears
the plastic case dosent last for ever ether so its a good upgrade unless your doing compatitions with it
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Default Re: Broken Driveshafts?

I donít know if you can see but the gear is spinning and the driveshafts arenít.

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Default Re: Broken Driveshafts?

If the driveshafts don't spin, it's possible that the grub screws on the U-joints aren't tight on the flats of the output shaft. If they are, and the output shaft still doesn't rotate with the motor, then you've got a broken or stripped gear in the transmission.
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