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Thread: Power delivery issues

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Default Power delivery issues

I have a waterproof brxl and a brand new torquemaster pro 35t motor. The ESC has been in the truck since late March early April. It has never seen any water other than a puddle splashing. The truck has always run in dry conditions in a park, except through puddles in the parking lot in the place i work, when I was first testing the build. Suddenly the power delivery became uneven, as in the truck would lurch with sudden bursts of power, but wasn't getting full power.

When i would let off the trigger, and pull it again nothing would happen, but if I gave the truck a light tap from behind it would take off. Now I get very little throttle if I get it all. Steering never stopped working. The light on the ESC turns red when i pull the trigger, telling me that it gets some kind of signal. At first i thought it was the motor because i could help the truck and it would go. Now I have replaced the motor with a brand new one, and it has the same issue.

The ESC was purchased in January, but only run since the beginning of April. The motor has never gotten hot enough to not touch it. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong, or where I can start troubleshooting. Unfortunately I have owned the esc longer than the warranty period because it is waterproofed. Hopefully it hasn't cooked for some reason.

I run on a 3s 5k mah turnigy battery, which is also new. I run a CC bec for the 7955 servo.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Default Re: Power delivery issues

1st, double check all ESC/motor connections, especially the soldered ones, you may have a failing joint.

What battery to ESC connectors? Deans or similar are good, Tamiya sucks and be the cause of the issue.

Then, check the motor, pull on the "braid" that connects the brush-hood, make sure the brushes can move freely within the brush-hood.

If that's OK, then check where the brush spring is in the brush-hood slot, it should be middle or further out. If it's near/at the bottom (closer to the middle of the motor) you may need brushes at a minimum.
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Default Re: Power delivery issues

Check brushes and comm
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Thanks for the input. I will definately check the solder joints. I had Holmes solder the leads to the motor for me, not that there can't be a cold joint. The motor is brand new, maybe an hour of run time in total. Hopefully that isn't it. I do run deans connections to the battery. The motor is done using Holmes stock bullets.

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Default Re: Power delivery issues

Im voting for brushes and com....
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Mine did something very similar and it was a shorted arm.

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