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Thread: Lubing my worm ;)

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Default Lubing my worm ;)

Any thoughts on using a thick lube in the worm drive? Something thick enough to stay in the housing but thin enough to bathe the gears. Currently I have packed the axel with grease but I feel this gets pushed off the gears during rotation. What about a thick diff fluid like used in off road buggies and trucks?
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Default Re: Lubing my worm ;)

Yes but no ..... a liquid wont stay and a heavy grease can/probably will generate more heat the the worms already do.

In the prime days of us running the truck we played with many greases, I myself used grease from paint ball guns. The easiest to use is sticking with Losi's Great Grease. Hobby shops stock it, its not expensive and you're not paying for micro molecules of some unknown chemical that makes a brand name 3x as much.

But you can also do the axle case mod of drilling and tapping a 4-40 or 3mm screw hole in line with the spool. Take the screw out and squeeze the grease in when servicing, no more taking the whole axle apart. Just Be Careful - if the screw gos in too far it Will hit the spool and ruin it. Best to try an aluminum screw. The hardened spool with grind it away before it ruins itself doing it.
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Default Re: Lubing my worm ;)

Iíve always used Mobil 1 wheel bearing grease since I had a tube in the garage. No issues.

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Default Re: Lubing my worm ;)

Ok, well I've got a tube of the Great Grease, it came with the spare gears that I went ahead and purchased "just in case" and it seamed a bit thin, but I guess Losi knows what their doing. Since I've already packed it full of grease ,which I'm glad I did since the factory just but a smear of grease on it, I'm going to run it few battery packs and give it look see and go from there.

Looks like I'm on the right track, thanks for the info guys
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Default Re: Lubing my worm ;)

I come from an automotive background and so the thought of a liquid (rather than grease) in the diffs and other gear boxes has been my first thought. But thats apples and this is oranges. So over the years i have like most tried tons of different lubes and what not. I have settled on an Automotive oil additive. I will warn you that it will leak out of everything you put it in and be a constant dust and dirt magnet. But you will find out that it leaves a sticky residue that is hard to get off and will act as an oil bath (at least till it finds its way out). If you are not in the habit of prepping you rigs and constantly messing with them its not for you. But the benefits are by far the best that i have tried. Almost no wear on transmissions i have it in. I dont use grease on anything anymore. Its called STP oil treatment. It has a super high Zinc content which helps combat wear.

Usually i dont care to share my opinion BC its the flaming internet. But i just happen to be cracking the worms on my shafty this evening and came across this thread. If anyone is interested in more info just ask.

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Old 02-20-2019, 02:38 PM   #6
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Default Re: Lubing my worm ;)

This may be stupid but I just had a thought , back in the day when I used to ride dirt bikes . We used a chain lube that was sticky . I wonder if something like that would work in the diffs
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Default Re: Lubing my worm ;)

I always had great success with Lucas Oil Red 'N' Tacky. Kept the worms cool for long periods of time.
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Default Re: Lubing my worm ;)

i just came here cause the misleading title
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